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NutriSport Protein 90+

Protein 90+

90+ Protein is the best selling supplement from one of the oldest and most respected manufacturing houses, Nutrisport. And whilst the name remains the same, the nutrient profile and ingredient list has been changed, tweaked and finally perfected to make Nutrisport Protein 90+ probably one of the highest grade and functionally rich blended proteins on the market.

Whilst many whey proteins use amino acid spiking and other techniques to contrive a protein level in the 70% range, Nutrisports protein gives a legitimate reading of over 90% with low carbohydrates and low fats with almost no lactose and a massively high functional rating by its unique selection of protein sources.

One of the key benefits is that unlike whey protein which due to its too rapid absorption rate causes high blood level acidity, Protein 90 has a more level release rate avoiding this issue which is associated with fatigue and sub standard workout performance. In addition it can cause a positive shift in hormonal levels and assist in body fat loss above and beyond whats offered by a normal high protein diet.

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A lot of people will have a misconception of nutrisports 90+ protein, assuming that it is not such good quality due to the low price and relatively more basic packaging compared to other sports nutrition companies. However just as you cannot judge a book by its cover, you cannot judge this protein until you have seen the benefits of this incredibly high quality protein shake.

90+ protein is not a protein powder whereby the packaging does its utter most to try and sell itself to you. Its quality and price is its unique selling points, no other protein offers you such premium grade proteins for the same value for money!

Nutrisport are a massiveUKbased company with a great product range, all of which is based on scientific research to ensure the maximum results are achieved from your supplements.

At near 90% protein, 90+ is the highest concentration of protein available! This also makes it very low in carbohydrates and fats making it great for those on low carbohydrate dieters. Furthermore the quality of the protein is exceptional, a blend of whey protein isolate and micellar casein makes it a superior protein formula for muscle growth and recovery!

This product also features in the following categories:

Protein Powder Supplements

Protein can be taken as required through the day. Typical serving size will be 30-50g taken either in water or milk.

As Protein 90 is a blended protein it can be taken on its own or with a small carbohydrate snack.

For those seeking high fat and protein diets, mix in water and add a tablespoon of UDO's oil or flax seed oil for a creamy low carb protein shake.

4-phase protein blend (98%) (Whey (milk) protein)

Soya isolate

Rice Protein Isolate

Micellar Casein (milk protein)

Sweeteners (cyclamate, saccharin)

natural flavour. Colour (beetroot red) in Strawberry and Raspberry flavours only.

Rated By: Chan-D Rated 5
Good product,great value for money...chocolate flav tastes abit like cyclone. abit of cinnamon powder mixed in makes da shake taste alot better!

Rated By: Ant Rated 5
after previously using expensive brands, decided to give this ago.. doesnt taste as good but works just the same if not better.. awesome supplement and amazing value for money!
probably just doesnt taste as good because they havent spent asa fortune on making it taste brill, thats probably why its cheaper too! I liked and and would definately reccomend it! Oh and if you re stuggling with the taste, go on forums and look into protein smoothies, adding fresh ingredients and blending.. makes a gorgeous snack!!
ten out of ten from me on this product!

Rated By: ADAM Rated 5

Rated By: Richard Rated 5
Ive heard a number of comments on how bad-tasting 90+ and Id have to strongly disagree, though admittedly the vanilla was a little bland. That said it was still well drinkable. I recently bought the strawberry, despite some of the negative reviews and its well up there with the chocolate - maybe even better. However the results are what counts here and I ve been championing 90+ for a good while now and wont be using anything else for the forseeable future. I can t say enough good about it.

Rated By: Josh Rated 5
I swear by the 90+ and wouldn t use any other brand now.ive been using it for about 5 months,I would highly recommend this product well above any others,people keep Miao ing about the taste but mixed with semi skimmed milk (0.9 fat) or blended with natural yogurt it tastes great.ive had the chic,strawberry flavour and raspberry.strawberry is my favourite.Rather than follow the suggested way of taking it I take it four times per day,first thing one before training one after and at night. I have a fourth gram shake last thing.

Rated By: gazza Rated 3
Just tasted it for the first time and i have to leave feedback because its disgusting, i have used a lot of protein supplements over the years and it must definately tastes the worst. I just hope it works.

Rated By: Nick Rated 5
I bought this protein 1 month ago. I like the chocolate.
I didn t have problems with my stomach. Too little gases.
Next time I will buy at once the big size.

Rated By: chris Rated 2
the value is amazing!!!! and i was hoping that it would taste good enough so i could save money...but no. it tastes like powdered rubbish. i bought the chocolate. and hope i get through the tub. i know that its not about the taste, but the fact is if you are taking a recovery supplement or pre doesnt matter about taste beacuse you are probably only taking it 4 times a week. but to take this every day consitently twice a day for months and months......the taste then becomes an issue....reflex peptide fusion it is

Rated By: Giddy Rated 4
Bought 90+ after using cnp which tastes good as angel delight ! to save 20 on 5kg thinking taste cant be as bad as people make out but after mixing up two 25g scoops to half pint of milk as i used to with cnp i can honestly say it made me gag and looking at the huge white tub in front of me with the chemical smell i imagined this must be what ceiling emulsion paint tastes like as it had the same texture ! BUT after toying with the idea of selling it on at a loss i decided to try something i have never done with a shake before and mixed it up with water an 50ml of blackcurrent cordial and it totaly transformed the experience as actually tasted pretty good and made it liquidy instead of creamy so was able to knock it back and get that protein in me three times a day without feeling sick. highly recomend mixing with water and juice if you have bought a big tub and are struggling through it.

Rated By: Ash Rated 4
I ve been through 18kg of this powder and have being training on the SL 5x5 program over this time. I have been keeping on top of my diet otherwise and supplementing protein with this supplement. I tend to take a scoop with oats before training, two scoops after and a scoop with milk before bed. I have gained noticeably in size and strength. I don t feel bloated or sikky after taking this supplement and it does not go through me like other more expensive powders. I cannot say it is this powder that has helped my gains but it certainly hasn t hurt - it is very hard/expensive trying to get 180g of protein in you a day eating whole food only and this powder makes up 70g of my protein intake a day. Make what you will of that. This powder seems to have the best mix of proteins and very few carbs, it mixes well and tastes fine.

Please give your own feedback and suggestions

Posted By: Donnie Posted: 27/04/2010 13:05:01
Hi, i have just finished a tub of nutrisport weight gainer. (this is all i was taking) with good results. I now wanted to buy pure protein powder and also afterglow for post workout. I was thinking of taking the protein in the morning, late afternoon (as replacement meal) then hour later after working out. Will this be good enough to follow

Any recommendation

Posted By: Admin
If yoyu have gained mass using the weight gain and are now looking to harden up a bit, then a protein is a good long term bet.

After glow is probably the best post workout formula Ive ever come across and will definitely help you recover, build lean size, and perform better at your next workout.

In terms of using them, after glow in water immediately after a workout. Dont eat or drink anything else for an hour.

As for protein, its a food and needs to be treated as such. You want to eat 6 good meals a day, and a protein drink can be taken with a small carb snack to make a meal between solid food meals.

I would typically plan to take protein powder with my breakfast, again 3 hours later with a bagel. I follow this 2 hours later with lunch, and 3 hours later with another protein shake and a small pasta salad. 2 hours later I have my evening meal and 3 hours later a small snack before bed. Hope this gives you some ideas that would work for you.

Posted By: Christian Wolter Posted: 12/11/2011 11:36:03
Is the whey protein in this blend, isolate protein

Posted By: Admin

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