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NutriSport Protein 90+

Protein 90+

90+ Protein is the best selling supplement from one of the oldest and most respected manufacturing houses, Nutrisport. And whilst the name remains the same, the nutrient profile and ingredient list has been changed, tweaked and finally perfected to make Nutrisport Protein 90+ probably one of the highest grade and functionally rich blended proteins on the market.

Whilst many whey proteins use amino acid spiking and other techniques to contrive a protein level in the 70% range, Nutrisports protein gives a legitimate reading of over 90% with low carbohydrates and low fats with almost no lactose and a massively high functional rating by its unique selection of protein sources.

One of the key benefits is that unlike whey protein which due to its too rapid absorption rate causes high blood level acidity, Protein 90 has a more level release rate avoiding this issue which is associated with fatigue and sub standard workout performance. In addition it can cause a positive shift in hormonal levels and assist in body fat loss above and beyond whats offered by a normal high protein diet.

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A lot of people will have a misconception of nutrisports 90+ protein, assuming that it is not such good quality due to the low price and relatively more basic packaging compared to other sports nutrition companies. However just as you cannot judge a book by its cover, you cannot judge this protein until you have seen the benefits of this incredibly high quality protein shake.

90+ protein is not a protein powder whereby the packaging does its utter most to try and sell itself to you. Its quality and price is its unique selling points, no other protein offers you such premium grade proteins for the same value for money!

Nutrisport are a massiveUKbased company with a great product range, all of which is based on scientific research to ensure the maximum results are achieved from your supplements.

At near 90% protein, 90+ is the highest concentration of protein available! This also makes it very low in carbohydrates and fats making it great for those on low carbohydrate dieters. Furthermore the quality of the protein is exceptional, a blend of whey protein isolate and micellar casein makes it a superior protein formula for muscle growth and recovery!

This product also features in the following categories:

Protein Powder Supplements

Protein can be taken as required through the day. Typical serving size will be 30-50g taken either in water or milk.

As Protein 90 is a blended protein it can be taken on its own or with a small carbohydrate snack.

For those seeking high fat and protein diets, mix in water and add a tablespoon of UDO's oil or flax seed oil for a creamy low carb protein shake.

4-phase protein blend (98%) (Whey (milk) protein)

Soya isolate

Rice Protein Isolate

Micellar Casein (milk protein)

Sweeteners (cyclamate, saccharin)

natural flavour. Colour (beetroot red) in Strawberry and Raspberry flavours only.

Rated By: Nick Rated 5
I bought this protein 1 month ago. I like the chocolate.
I didn t have problems with my stomach. Too little gases.
Next time I will buy at once the big size.

Rated By: Jeremy Rated 2
Taste is OK, but does have a unpleasant chalky texture. Probably cheaper because contains Cyclamate as a sweetner, which is not much used these days, and probably explains the unpleasant after taste. But certainly has the right mix of active ingredients. The chalky nature of the powder means it gets everywhere when making up. Not buying again.

Rated By: jack Rated 5
why are all these little girls buying protein powder these days oh sorry, they re not girls they re fully grown men complaining that their protein shake doesn t taste like a macdonalds milk shake. What next, my arms hurt if i lift heavy weights
For the price and quality this is the best stuff around, and it doesnt taste as bad as the babys are whinging about.

Rated By: Peter Rated 5
taste isnt THE best but quality and effects are brill. i think chocolate is nice and vanilla is too.. if you want a supplement that works, buy this!

Rated By: JOHN Rated 5

Rated By: Kamy Rated 4
Hi, i have been taking 90+ protein for a while and can say its brilliant. But someone told me that the cnp propeptide is better for muscle growth. Can anyone tell me if this is true

Rated By: Ant Rated 5
after previously using expensive brands, decided to give this ago.. doesnt taste as good but works just the same if not better.. awesome supplement and amazing value for money!
probably just doesnt taste as good because they havent spent asa fortune on making it taste brill, thats probably why its cheaper too! I liked and and would definately reccomend it! Oh and if you re stuggling with the taste, go on forums and look into protein smoothies, adding fresh ingredients and blending.. makes a gorgeous snack!!
ten out of ten from me on this product!

Rated By: Ant Rated 5
Oh and Giddy... not all serving sizes are the same, different brands use different sizes.. read the directions on the label!

Rated By: Jay Rated 5
Amazing value.. it may not taste like a mcdonalds milkshake but it tastes really good for what it is. its got the really high protein content and it is amazing value for money! THE BEST PROTEIN ON THE MARKET!!!!

Rated By: chris Rated 2
the value is amazing!!!! and i was hoping that it would taste good enough so i could save money...but no. it tastes like powdered rubbish. i bought the chocolate. and hope i get through the tub. i know that its not about the taste, but the fact is if you are taking a recovery supplement or pre doesnt matter about taste beacuse you are probably only taking it 4 times a week. but to take this every day consitently twice a day for months and months......the taste then becomes an issue....reflex peptide fusion it is

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Posted By: jon Posted: 24/05/2011 17:55:20
Does this contain any calcium I want to take this before i go to bed with my zma, would this protein affect the results of my zma Also howe many of these should I be taking a day

Posted By: Admin
Hi Jon,

This protein doesn't contain any additional calcium. It wouldn't negate the use of ZMA as well although it's advisable to have ZMA on a relatively empty stomach - preferably half an hour or so after you've ate.

As for how many you should be taking per day, that's entirely up to you to factor into your macronutrient targets and goals. 2 servings per day will however provide a substantial amount of protein that would assist in any athletic goal pertaining to lean muscle and fat loss.

Posted By: Jacob Posted: 27/02/2010 17:36:11
Hello, I decided to buy a good whey protein supplement and I can t decide between NutriSport Protein 90+ and Reflex Instant Whey. Which one do you recommend to pack on good amount of Muscle Which one is also absorbed by the body the fastest aswell please I workout three times a week for an hour.

Posted By: Admin
Instant whey would be a better choice for whey alone, however 90+ is more suitable to take throughout the day as it also contains micellar casein, an excellent slow release protein more relevant to take as a meal replacement than the fast absorption of whey alone. I would go for the 90+ for an all round choice.

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