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Applied Nutrition Critical EAA-9

Critical EAA-9

Intra-workouts have reached a new peak with the launch of Critical EAA-9 by Applied Nutrition. This category of supplements is focused on maximising day in-day out training performance, whilst creating an environment within the body for optimum recovery and muscular development.

Applied Nutrition Critical EAA-9 has taken every aspect of nutrition science to blend together not only the traditional BCAA, but also some conditionally essential and essential amino acids that normally suffer drops in blood serum levels during training. To this, additional ingredients have been added such as vitamin B6 for amino acid uptake enhancement, citrulline malate for enhanced muscular performance and essential elecrolytes for improved hydration levels.

Consequentially, as an intra-workout Critical EAA-9 delivers muscle sparing amino acids to reduce training muscle tissue loss and enhanced recovery and development, combined with a fast acting and highly ergogenic effect and fantastic hydration properties to ensure training performance doesn't flag.

It's not surprising how popular intra-workouts have become when you look at the benefits, and with the multi angled approach taken by Applied Nutrition, its quite likely that EAA-9 is going to be at the forefront of this sector for some time to come.


Rated 4 / 5 with 6 ratings


Critical EAA-9, the most advanced sugar-free, Essential Amino Acid Intra-Workout formula. Scientifically designed to provide the blueprint for supreme training intensity, hydration while bolstering optimal recovery and muscle protein synthesis whilst you train.

EAA-9 combines all of the Essential Amino Acids with Citrulline Malate, Vitamin B6 and Electrolytes to optimise physical performance and muscular response.

Essential Amino Acids (including BCAA’s) to stimulate and facilitate extra protein synthesis. This means faster recovery and optimised growth.

Citrulline Malate delays the onset of fatigue whilst improving exercise intensity.

Electrolytes are essential when training under intense conditions to optimise cell hydration and muscle function.

Vitamin B6 to ensure optimal Amino Acid absorption

Being manufactured in an Informed Sport facility also means that you can be confident that the product is of the highest quality, is as per the label claim and is completely drug free.

Available in Green Apple and Lemon Refresh flavours.

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Applied Nutrition
Intra Workouts

Add 15g (1 level scoop) to 700ml of water in a shaker for an instant refreshing mix.

For best results start to sip drink from just before starting your workout and continue to drink throughout. Ideally do not consume a protein based preworkout drink prior to training as this may hamper effectiveness. Carbohydrate, or stimulant based preworkouts however are fine.

Do not consume more than one serving per day even if you train more than once daily.

For periods of hard training, you can consume a serving on none training days to improve hydration and recovery. This to should be sipped over a period of time










Rated By: AC Rated 5

Got a weeks worth of samples from my local shop in yorkshire. Used to use basic bcaa, but this is in a different league.

Can I use a bigger serving size as I am used to using a lot of bcaa

Rated By: Renegade Rated 2

Save your money. No doubt it looks a good formula but for a really good workout use a stimulant like one of the cheap jack3d copies have a good postworkout and eat like a horse. If you aint gaining on that then youre just not training hard enough

Rated By: Davo Rated 5

Love critical mass and alpha genesis. Not tried this yet but the ingredients are exactly what I need for my rugby training, weights and rowing. Much more suitable for me than critical workout which ive used a few times

Rated By: D Coleman Rated 3

Looks great in terms of ingredients, but as something I d be looking at using 6 days a week pretty much 52 weeks a year, how about doing a big super value pack

Rated By: Karen Rated 4

Nice to find such a good product at a reasonable price. Ive been using a couple of products from tpw but at this price its easier for me to just use this.

Any chance of a blackcurrant flavour or something a liitle more sweet

Rated By: Aaron Rated 5

Tried a sample, very refreshing to drink with no nasty after taste which you might expect with all these amino acids.

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