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SD Matrix Complete PCT

SD Matrix Complete PCT
A 4 product kit to address every aspect of PCT, even for those who use the strongest PH compounds or have carried a cycle for an extended period


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This kit comprises of a months supply of Alpha Genesis, a full course of Estro Suppress, a months supply of regenerate and a months supply of Milk Thistle.

After using PH compounds, it is usual to find natural testosterone levels dip, which results in poor training enthusiasm, and a loss of muscle tissue. in addition the female hormone estrogen can rise, making it easier to store bodyfat and gain that blubbery watery look. Well fear not, this cycle is designed to aid recovery from the very strongest of PH cycles.

Esto Surpress is the ultimate in battling elevated estrogen. Its known as an estrogen suicide inhibitor, which enables it to nullify the actions of raised estrogen. This is used in decreasing levels until your elevated estrogen levels normalise.

Applied Nutritions AlphaGenesis is a natural testosterone booster containing DAA and herbs that have been associated with increasing libido and test levels.

BioRhythms Regenerate is an all round hormonal optimiser. It aids recovery from stressful training/PH use, enhances deep sleep and boosts the 'feel good' factor.

Milk thistle has been used across the world for centuries as a natural liver detoxifier.

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SD-Matrix Stacks

Take 4 capsules of Esto Surpress in week 1, 3 caps in week 2, 2 caps in week 2 and 1 cap in week 4. Take the capsules in divided doses.

Take 3 capsules of Alpha Genesis first thing in the morning

Take 4 capsules of Regenerate last thing before going to bed.

Take 3 capsules of Milk Thistle each day spread evenly throughout the day.

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