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SD Matrix Nova Mass Stack

SD Matrix Nova Mass Stack
Critical Mass is the worlds highest density mass gain formula. Combined with SD Matrix you have a potent PH stack that can help boost size, muscle and strength through any conceived barriers


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This stack contains Generation Labs SD Matrix, the strongest of the PH's on the market combined with Critical Mass 2700, a super high density muscle mass gainer.

Critical Mass, when used as recommended, contains a whopping 900 calories per serving with a serious muscle building 52g of protein. The protein is a blended protein with a superb balance of amino acids and a staggered release rate. The majority of the carbohydrates come from waxy maize starch, a complex, low GI, food source.

To complete the CM2700 formula, MCT oil is added by means of a powder coated spray dried technology which improves the mixability of the powder, creating a rich taste, a creamy texture, and an ability to add huge amounts of powder to a small amount of liquid. MCT's are a very short chain oil, which do not stimulate an insulin response, but act as a readily available, slow release energy source.

The stack is rounded off with milk thistle, a herb which is reputed to have liver health properties.

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SD-Matrix Stacks

Only for adult, male, athletes experienced with PH's. Do not use if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medication.

Take 1 cap SD-Matrix in the morning and 1 Cap in the evening with 8oz water. Use for a maximum of 2 weeks, after which you should use a PCT.

Take 1 cap milk thistle 3 times per day. Use for 4 weeks.

Take 4-6 heaped scoops (235g) of Critical Mass 2700 in water. Take 3 servings per day. Take each serving 2 hours after a solid food meal, and follow 2-3 hours later with a solid food meal. A typical pattern would be:

1. Breakfast
2. Liquid Meal
3. Lunch
4. Liquid Meal
5. Dinner
6. Liquid Meal

You can use Critical Mass on a long term basis, however, during high use such as this, 4 weeks is recommended.

Drink extra water at each solid food meal. Do not drink alcohol


Rated By: Mark L Rated 5

Not for the average guy, but if you like your PHs I can totally recommend this one.

Used SD a few times but adding so many extra calories with so much protein has probably doubled my usual gains, and my strength went up a long way. Felt like I could squat a car

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