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NutriSport Protein + Carbs

Protein + Carbs
A great blend of protein and carbs to fuel your body and improve muscle repair and growth at a very affordable price.

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One of the best hidden secrets in sports nutrition, protein + carbs all in one contains everything you need for muscle growth and development all at the exact ratios necessary to facilitate hypertrophy.

Manufactured by Nutrisport, the raw materials used for this superb value for money high protein shake are premium quality. Good quality nutrition builds good quality muscle mass and that’s exactly what you get here with protein + carbs all in one.

Using whey protein blended into a complex carbohydrate source the macronutrient ratio is ideal for recovery, growth or as a meal replacement, making this an innovative and diverse protein supplement.

Additional ingredients such as creatine monohydrate, arginine and L-glutamine are present boosting the muscle building properties of protein + carbs.

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Take 100g as required

Rated By: Marcus Rated 3
Good value for money and already gained a couple of pounds in just over a week. Taste isnt that bad to be honest, ive tasted worse.. Downside is I consider my stomach to never get upset ,but this stuff has had me running to the toilet.

Rated By: Liam Rated 5
Great supplement... it tastes great, its affordable, it works, it gives good gains.... great supplement all round. excellent value for money, would reccomend!!!

Rated By: Chris Rated 2
Really surprised by some of the comments here as I found the taste and texture really terrible. Never finished the tub because of this so cant really comment if it works. I can however recommend Applied Nutrition Critical Mass, it tastes much better and I ve had some pretty decent gains

Rated By: Rafa Rated 3
i dnt get it , it tells u to put in 4 scoops (100mg) , but each scoop is 50mg so its like 2 scoops

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Posted By: Les Posted: 09/03/2011 10:49:43
I ve been using Nutrisport 90+ for a while now buying 5kg tubs, thought I would give this a try for a change and ordered the 5kg tub but its a much smaller tub and appears to be much less of it
Also realised the protein level is around half of the 90+ so whats teh advantage of teh all in one

Posted By: Admin
More calories + additional incentives included in the all in one Les.

Posted By: sam Posted: 12/09/2010 21:45:19
Is this the newer version of the supplement with creatine, glutamine and arginine thanks in advance

Posted By: Admin
Yes Sam, you are correct.

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