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NutriSport Glutamine

Can be added to any drink, or taken alone in water. Glutamine is beneficial in reducing muscle tissue breakdown and plays an important role in boosting the immune system.

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Glutamine is a critical amino acid, its role in the human body is of great importance, however as a result it is also the most abundant amino acid in the body. The reason for this is it is used widely in muscle growth and recovery as well as part of the formation of white blood cells.

Glutamine has some phenomenal properties making it a great supplement of choice for anyone seeking to improve their overall health as well as muscle recovery and development.

Nutrisport are a North West UK based company, who are one of the largest independent sports nutrition manufacturers inEurope. As nutrisport are such a large manufacturer of sports nutrition supplements they seek after the highest quality ingredients available today ensuring all of their supplements are made with the best possible ingredients to deliver results to their customers.

Glutamine has awesome anti-catabolic properties, preventing muscle breakdown making it a great insurance policy type of supplement when dieting preserving muscle tissue and sparing it from being burnt as energy during phases of negative calories. In addition to anti-catabolic characteristics, L-Glutamine will significantly boost your immune system and enhance muscle recovery and growth.

Nutrisport Glutamine is the best value for money Glutamine around allowing you to supplement with high doses of this superior amino acid receiving the best gains for the smallest cost.

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Post-Workout Recovery Supplements
BCAA and Amino Acids

Take 5 grams as required

Rated By: Jack Rated 5
Great product, mixes nicely and doesn t taste too bad. I try to mix mine with different fruit juices ) best one I ve tried so far and it s affordable! )

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Posted By: Jim Posted: 01/03/2011 18:24:11
For the best price for 500g of glutimine on your site but hows the quailty of the product compared to the top brands such as reflex, and also is this product micronized and are all the glutimines micronized anyway

Posted By: Admin
Not all glutamines are micronized. Nutrisport have a reputation for outstanding quality however and being extremely cost effective.

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