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NutriSport ATP Muscle Fuel

ATP Muscle Fuel
Boost energy and strength levels with this creatine and carb mixture designed to increase insulin levels for faster absorbtion and leave you energised for your training sessions.

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Creatine is a powerful sports supplement but is hindered by its unfortunate lack of absorption. A large majority of creatine monohydrate can convert to creatinine which is a waste product of the kidneys and has near no use in the body. As a result, your creatine monohydrate supplement isn't working as effectively as it could be, wasting creatine powder itself and of course your hard earned money.

Nutrisport ATP muscle fuel is a creatine transporter that will solve this problem of inefficient uptake allowing you to fully utilise the 6g of creatine monohydrate per serving!

Developed by Nutrisport, ATP muscle fuel is a straight talking creatine supplement, no ethyl ester technology, no insulin mimicking aminos, just straight forward proven methods of maximising the overall effect and efficiency of creatine. This is achieved by using a specific amount of fast acting carbohydrates alongside whey protein isolate hydrolysate to force the creatine, amino acids and glucose into muscle cells causing huge increases in muscle cell size (muscle cell volumisation).

However larger muscle mass is not the only thing ATP muscle fuel can do for you. Improvements in strength, energy levels and recovery will all be experienced by this highly effective creatine monohydrate transporter.

Similar to other creatine transporters, ATP muscle fuel is highly effective and should be used by anyone seeking improvements in muscle mass, strength and performance. However unlike other creatine transporters, this one manufactured by Nutrisport is cost effective with no indifference in quality compared to its competition!

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Rated By: Jamie Rated 5
I use this stuff for after the gym instead of protein.. I still have my 3 protein shakes per day but I think this is better for post-training cos it s got the creatine and carbs in it too ) gread product! would reccomend and I ll definately buy again.

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Posted By: Paul Posted: 18/05/2010 09:28:52
Hi, Was looking for an opinion with regards to ATP + Cut and burn cycling.

Im trying the impossibel i.e lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. I have been weight training with light cardio for eighteen months or so, i use protein sups daily and have previosuly used creatine. I have seen some good size increases but little fat loss. To remedy this i have now split my routine to alternate days i.e weights one day cardio next. My weights days involve one hour four days per week covering all body parts, my CV days involve two 30 -35 min sessions per day, once first thing in the morning once late afternoon.

On CV days i eat less, take protein (45g) in the morning, a fat burner (thermogenic) prior to session 1 , a fat burner (thermogenic) prior to session 2 and protein (45g) before bed.

On wieghts days, i eat more, take protein (45g) first thing, half a shake (22.5g) after training and half (22..5g) before bed.

My question is, on weights days can i introduce ATP straight after training. additonal to my regular regime or will the creatine clash with the fat burmer taken the prior day and of course most importantly, does this present any health hazards will the introduction of ATP be of any benefit and in your opinion is this entire regime likely to prodcue results

Your reply would be much appreciated.


(a trying hard but often misguided) Paul

Posted By: Admin
Hi Paul,

There is no risk in taking ATP with fat burners from a health point of view. In terms of effectiveness, Id say for your goals we could do something better for you.

Please email me to Mike at our webaddress. Send your age, height, weight, rought bodyfat percentage or relaxed waist and chest measurements. Give me your workouts and a breakdown of your diet and specifics of supplements. Your clearly prepared to do the work, so Im sure we can give you some decent advice.

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