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Reflex Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein
Vegan Protein delivers an exceptional nutritional profile along with great taste, additional Digezyme digestive enzymes and LactoSpore probiotic spores that is perfect for all sports people or anyone else looking for a high quality vegan protein.


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For years the sports nutrition industry and athletes have endorsed and used whey protein supplements as the backbone of a good supplement routine. Whey protein is derived from milk and offers fast absorption, possess a good amino acid spectrum and is very beneficial from a recovery perspective.

Now though a new trend is emerging in sports nutrition and for good reason too! Whey protein has jumped up in price several times over the past few years and towards the end of September 2012 may increase more so due to VAT on sport supplements. Vegan based protein sources such as this great tasting vegan protein supplement by reflex nutrition are sought after by those who understand nutrition and want the best for their bodies.

Vegan protein by reflex Nutrition is ridiculous! The nutritional profile and list of unique advantages of choosing this protein derived from pea protein makes you question why you have spent countless years constantly buying tub after tub of whey protein...for example vegan protein contains a 98% digestibility (high BV rating), contains more BCAA and glutamine in comparison to whey and so much more!

Reflex Vegan protein is soy free, gluten free and GM making it compatible for nearly everyone, however it's most tempting USP is it's quality! Vegan protein digests slowly filling you up for several hours and steadily releasing amino acids for a sustained recovery. Not only this but thanks to a broad and one of a kind amino acid profile, vegan protein is great to shock the body into growth and recovery again. As with training, if you do the same thing you get the same results, progression requires change and the same applies to diet and nutrition intake.

Your body will still utilise whey protein, and it most certainly is still an ideal source for post workout protein nutrition. Nevertheless Vegan protein provides new ratios of amino acids and ensures that your body receives a diverse range of protein sources, from your diet, post workout shake and protein supplement.

Fortified with probiotics and digestive enzymes, Reflex Vegan protein is a must have for any athlete or trainer who wants a change to occur. To experience a change in your physique, well-being and athletic performance you MUST change your nutritional intake also! Once again Reflex Nutrition have proved how they become kings of the protein market, by manufacturing high quality, innovative good tasting shakes that are produced using the latest research and science.

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Protein Powder Supplements

Mix 25g (approximately two level 25ml measures†) with 300ml water in a shaker or blender. Consume 2-3 servings daily.

Pea Protein (from Pisum Sativum peas)

Natural Colourings (Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (chocolate varieties only)

Betanin (berry and fruit varieties only)

Beta Carotene (banana, vanilla and smooth fruit varieties only))


Thickener (carboxymethyl cellulose)

Natural Sweetener (Stevia)

Digezyme® Digestive Enzyme Complex (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase)

LactoSpore® Probiotic Spores (Bacillus Coagulans).

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