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WMS T6 Fat Burners

T6 Fat Burners

T6 is a potent aid to fat burning and overall weight loss, developed and marketed by Weight Management Systems (WMS) a specialist diet and body composition company who manufacture only diet supplements.

Successful fat loss requires a number of obstacles to be overcome, and T6 addresses them all head on. From first taking, you will notice the thermogenic effect as it slightly elevates calorie burn making you feel a tiny bit warmer. Next you will notice an increase in energy, even dieting you will feel more energetic than usual. Finally, as the day goes on, you'll notice that you haven't felt as hungry, your appetite is less than normal, and the cravings for sweet or fatty foods you often get when dieting don't appear.

As a fat burner T6 is extremely effective in helping you achieve the physique or body shape you've always wanted, and in record time too.


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Weight Management Systems T6 is a very effective thermogenic fat loss aid supplement based around ingredients including Caffiene, Capsicum extract, N-Methyltyramine, Bitter Orange Peel, Cocoa extract and Acai extract. T6 is able to stimulate your BMR so that you burn many more calories than you normally would during day to day activities.

Many thermogenics have a noticeable effect within a few weeks however this is such a potent diet aid that the fat burning effects are felt after the first serving and results occur so rapidly losing bodyfat will become almost effortless.

In fact, WMS T6 fat burner is so powerful it is advisable to begin with a small dosage and work your way up to ensure you can tolerate the force of T6! For anyone looking to shed body fat along with a good diet, this supplement can have a significant impact.

The ingredients in this diet pill are designed to rapidly elevate BMR by stimulating the adrenal system. The ingredients are designed to ensure that this effect lasts for several hours and that your bodys normal defensive mechanism to fat loss is dampened.

There are three further benefits to addressing fat loss in this way:

Stimulating the adrenal system elevates energy levels. It helps convert stored fats and blood glucose into energy more effectively allowing you to bypass the normal lethargy you feel on a low calorie diet. For those of you who add an exercise program to your diet, you will find that you have plenty of energy for training and that your strength levels remain high. This ensures that you maintain muscle tissue, often lost in dieting alone.

Your appetite is dampened, you'll feel less hungry, and the stability in insulin levels will make it easier to ignore cravings for sweet, sugary foods like chocolate. These cravings are often a major reason why diets fail as people cut calories and then a few days later find themselves irresistibly binging on junk food.

Finally, water storage in the intestine and under the skin is diminished, not only contributing to weight loss, but making your skin look firmer and allowing muscle shape and tone to be more visible.

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T6 Diet Pills
Fat Loss and Diet Tablets

For first time users, or if returning to T6 after a break, take one capsule a day until you are fully used to the thermogenic effects you may notice. Ideally take one tablet before breakfast with a small glass of water.

For experienced users, or once you're used to the effects, take 1 capsule twice a day. Ideally take one before breakfast and one before lunch. Take with water and eat within 30 minutes of taking the capsule

2 capsules per day is the maximum recommended dose. If male and over 90kg, maximum dosage is 3 capsules per day. Separate each dosage by 3-4 hours or more.

Capsules are certified Halal and Kosher friendly.

Bitter Orange Peel (200mg)

Caffeine (200mg)

apsicum Extract (100mg)

cocoa Extract (100mg)

Green Tea Extract (60mg)

Niacin (20mg)

L-Carnitine (20mg)

Rated By: Jen D Rated 4

Really like this. Certainly gives you energy. Still on my first tub but just ordered another.

Rated By: Dan Collins Rated 5

Use this in line with your suggested diet program. Only need to use 1 capsule 4 days per week. Really works

Rated By: Karen Mutch Rated 5

Tried this for 2 months and got great results. recommend for sure

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Posted By: Andrew Posted: 18/12/2014 12:41:42

I m a regular gym user, do a bit of weights, a bit of cardio and play football with a local team twice a week.

I am pretty slim, but carry a fair bit of bodyfat - a skinny fat guy if you will - and no amount of exercise or dieting seems to help.

Do you think T6 would do anything for me

Posted By: Admin

This is a far more common issue than you might think. Body fat is as common a thin body frame as a large body frame.

You need to emphasise weight training a little more with a big emphasis on getting stronger. You may need to cut some of your cardio during this period.

Similarly, reduce simple carbs and fat/carb combination foods. Increase complex carbs and proteins.

T6 will help reduce appetite, especially for sweet and junk foods. It will also increase energy which you will find helpful in gaining a little strength when exercising

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