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Inferno 2 Fat Burners

Inferno 2 Fat Burners

Inferno Fat Burners are a second generation thermogenic diet tablet designed for both women and men who are looking for a helping hand in their bid to lose body fat.

Regardless of whether you are a regular gym user looking to lose those last few pounds to reveal your abs, or you are at the start of a long haul diet to lose 10's of pounds to get down to your target body weight, then Inferno2 can help you reach your goal quicker and easier than you ever felt possible.

Infernos fat burning properties start with their ability to raise metabolic rate causing you to burn more calories even at rest. But beyond that they help blunt appetite so you don't crave food as you would when you normally diet. But best of all they make you feel energetic whilst supporting a feel good mentality that makes dieting almost fun!


Rated 4.55 / 5 with 31 ratings

Size: Caps 90


The Inferno name has been at the forefront of the diet pill market for 15 years and we have been appointed as one of their preferred retailers and one of only a handful of UK distributors, which enables us to provide this fantastic fat loss aid direct to the public at unbeatable prices. Inferno2 combines a number of herbal and none-herbal ingredients which have the following properties:

  • From the early days of diet pills it has been a dieters goal to stimulate the central nervous system (CNS) in order to cause a natural increase in basal metabolic rate. Inferno contains an ingredient called 'bitter orange peel' which is a natural source of Synephrine.
  • Synephrine has been shown to act on epinephrine in the human body, or adrenaline, which itself stimulatres the CNS causing an increase in muscular stimulation even when no activity is undertaken. This elevated activity causes an increase in energy usage (calorie expenditure).
  • Green tea, Guarana and caffeine are also included. Each of these are variants of caffeine, having slightly different properties, and theoretically at least, different impact rates on the CNS. Combined with Synephrine there is a synergistic effect on the CNS which is greater than both would have seperately, allowing for a greater level of stimulation at a lower overall dosage.
  • Tyrosine is added for its twin properties of increasing mental focus and increasing the feel good factor. These properties prevent the normal 'lows' experienced during a simple low calorie diet, and for the active person, provides the single minded mental drive required to get through a tough training session during dieting.
  • Chromium is included in the formula for its ability to stabalise insulin. Often, as insulin drops, the 'munchies' set it. Low blood sugar causing us to desire to eat, and often we only feel satisfied after eating fats and sugars to give that rapid rush of energy our body craves. This causes an insulin spike and a drop in blood sugars resulting in a cycle of binge eating. Chromium has been shown to stabalise insulin and thus break this cycle making it easier to stick to a diet.

This combination ofingredients have been carefully selected to not only help fat loss, but to help block the downsides of dieting that typically cause people to quit their diets and pile body fat back on. This is done through 3 major actions.

Firstly, the blend of themogenic ingredients in Inferno2 cause your body to burn more calories. This is achieved by stimulating your metabolism in what's termed 'a futile energy cycle' whereby your body uses stored calories (body fat) as a fuel to create body heat. Typically most effective fat burners will use this approach, however, where Inferno2 excels is that the effects last for up to 6 hours from a single serving rather than 1 or maybe 2 hours. This means that you continue to burn calories at a faster rate long after other diet pills have worm off.

The benefit of increased thermogenesis is that it causes fat loss almost exclusively from stored fat, rather than muscle tissue. This enables fitness enthusiasts to get rid of hard to lose stubborn body fat whilst keeping hold of lean body tissue giving that much sought after lean, ripped, magazine model look to their physique or figure.

Similarly, because it spares lean tissue, unlike normal diets where you lose both fat and muscle causing metabolic rate to drop, your diet continues to be effective long after regular dieting alone would have stopped giving further weight loss.

Secondly, Inferno's thermogenic properties actually stimulate the energy pathways of the body, so unlike a calorie controlled diet where you start feeling tired, weaker and lethargic, Inferno2 actually makes you feel more energetic than ever before.

By keeping energy levels higher you can not only continue to have a 'normal' life while dieting, but you'll also have energy for the gym making the process of losing fat all that much more rapid whilst still building muscle and developing shapely body tone.

Finally, because your energy levels are high your body does not signal your brain that its hungry. Anyone who's tried a long term diet will know that as you get hungry your body releases hormones in preparation for food. When you don't satisfy this need these hormones start to make you feel 'down' and its usually at this point that many people drop out of their diet. You eat, you feel good, you eat more, you get fatter! A familiar cycle yes?

Well Inferno2's ability to make you feel energised actually reduces your feelings of hunger. This in turn means that you don't get those mood swings, and the urge for binge eating and ruining your diet just doesn't happen.

So if its a fat burner to just get rid of those last 3 or 4 pounds of stubborn fat or if you need a diet supplement to help you stick with your diet to lose several pounds, then Inferno Thermogenic Fat Burner tablets are a great choice to help you make it happen.

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Inferno Fat Burners
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Once you are familiar with, and have been using for a short time, Inferno can be taken in dosages of 1 capsule 2-3 times per daqy.

When using Inferno for the first time, or after a lengthy break from using thermogenic fat burners, start at one capsule per day. Once you are used to that dosage, increase to 2 capsules per day. Again, wait until you are used to the new level, and finally step up to 3 capsules per day.

For people under 60kg, 2 capsules per day is sufficient.

Always take Inferno with an 8oz glass of water on an empty stomach. You should either exersice after taking or have a small meal within 30 minutes. Ideal times to take are before breakfast, lunch and evening meals.

Always split the dosage. Seperate dosages by at least 3 hours. AQvoid taking late in the day as this may affect sleep.

Bitter Orange Peel 325mg

L-Tyrosine 300mg

Caffeine 153mg

Green Tea extract (Standardised to 90% polyphenols) 100mg

Guarana seed powder 12mg

Bioperine (Black pepper extract) 5mg

D-Biotin 180?g

Chromium polypeptide 100?g

Rated By: rahim amer Rated 5
amazing fat burner, makes u sweat like a pig though , but best fat burner i ever used.

Rated By: Sajid Rated 5
Consistently good product. Used lots of other keep coming back to this.

Rated By: waseem, scotland Rated 5
best fat burner i ever used, works very well with a protein and high fibre diet.

Rated By: James Rated 5
Hi all, I ve been taking this supplement for just under a week now and I understand that this is no where near long enough to give a proper review. However I will update you all on my progress as I get through the bottle (I am taking 3 a day, so 1 cycle will last 30 days). You must remember to cycle these pills either with a break or with another diet pill that does not share ingredients! This is because 1) your body will get used to the product (becoming less effective) and 2) to give your body a break. OK so in 3 days I have lost 2kg, now the reason it is so rapid as other users have mentioned is that this product sheds mainly WATER at the start (not fat). That being said, I have definatly lost some fat pretty quickly! The product does make you jittery and your appetite just dies! I dont take these after 4pm but insomina does affect me some nights. I do believe that this will all be worth it as I have many friends who highly rate this supplement. We shall see...

Rated By: leonidas mujahid Rated 5
i tried san tight extreme and even clenbuterol and ephedrine, too many shakes and side effects both with clen and ephedrine and muscle spasms, san tight extreme was very good until i tried inferno 2, combined with a calorie control protein diet with good wholegrain crabs and plenty of shreddies and banana with canderual sugar, i lost over half a stone in 2 weeks, i swear it took me 4 weeks using other stuff and excercising but inferno 2 is far the best tablets i ever used, inferno 2 rocks

Rated By: Steve Carroll Rated 5
The best fat burner I have ever tried. Not a magic potion, but mixed with a good diet and training plan gives that extra bit of help to shift that last bit of stomach fat. Highly recommended as long as you don t mind that typical caffeine edginess buzz.

Rated By: SUKH Rated 3
I am on tub of INFERNO 2 tried it the first time the best fat burner i have used and the 2nd time i used the affects were a little different but still work, i get a wkd work out and sweat like mad, when take these tablets you need to watch your diet, with a good diet and tablets and a good work you will see the difference, i will use it every 2 months until i get to my idea weight and muscular size, i am 6ft 1 and was weighing at 16.5 stones at the end of May 10 and now i am weighing 14.8 stones.

Rated By: Alex B Rated 4
Been taking 2, five days a week for the last 3 weeks, dont get the edgey buzz any more, body has got use to these now, seem to be helping though, shredded loads of fat, been weight training and cardio 5 days a week as well. keep your protein high, carbs quite low and eat 5 balanced meals a day and you will defiantley see progress just dont give up!

Rated By: On The Way To Success Rated 3
Felt a bit weird after the very first pil. bit jittery, but thats just it. Seems to work well and my friend lost 2 stones in a month on them. definately recommend.

Rated By: Mick Rated 4
Just started taking these, really good, loads of energy. They seem to make me more chatty too, I d be interested to know if anyone else finds the same effect

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Posted By: Matt Posted: 29/11/2011 13:10:10
Hello. I ve decided to try these - my first supplements that I ve tried. I m also taking Lean Xtreme at the same time, as recommended on this page. I was just wondering - should I take these every day, or should I only take them on days that I m training I usually go to the gym 3-4 times per week - but what about those days when I m not. Will it cause me harm if I don t work out but continue taking these Thank you

Posted By: Admin
Hi Matt

If you are seeking to use inferno 2 as a fat burner take them every day to keep your metabolism running at full speed even on non-training days. You should have no negative side effects but will likely notice an increase in energy levels so avoid taking them too late at night.

Posted By: Martin Posted: 20/01/2011 08:21:46
Hi. I have just bought some Inferno 2 and am eagerly waiting for the arrival via post. I was wondering when the best times of the day are to take them. I work 7 - 4.30pm mon to friday and gym 4 times a week 4.30 - 6pm. 45 - 1hour cardio and then a little weights.

Posted By: Admin
First thing in the morning and then prior to training would be an effective protocol you could use. The third cap could be taken afternoon time if you wanted a higher dosage.

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