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BioRhythm Magna Power

Magna Power
A patented breakthrough in perfect creatine supplementation. Designed for optimum PH balance, maximised insulin transport, ultimate muscle uptake and unbelievable levels of retention. This is the ideal ergogenic creatine.


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If you care about your performance in your chosen sport or on the pursuit for the body of your dreams it is likely you would have heard of creatine and probably tried a few forms of creatine supplementation! For a while now creatine monohydrate has remained the most popular form of creatine supplementation with nearly every sports nutrition company manufacturing a supplement containing it...all companies but one! Biorhythm is at the forefront of scientific research and developments in sports nutrition. They go against the grain and as a result deliver supplements that truly work as effectively as possible and as potent as legally possible!

MagnaPower is the latest and by far the greatest creatine supplement available on the market. Long gone has the days of loading phases and bloated stomachs from creatine monohydrate, magnapower pushes the limit of physical performance with no negative side effects whatsoever!

Combining the undeniable power of magnesium creatine chelate with an unsurpassed delivery transport system, magnapower will have you reaching for the heavier dumbbells every time. Independently researched, magnapower was developed by unbiased researchers, meaning the results of all clinical trials on tests such as peak strength are factual and not over hyped for a marketing team to exploit. Biorhythm use pharmaceutical grade creatine magnesium chelate to ensure maximum potency and quality control and combine it with old school vasodilator vanadyl sulphate for the most savage and insane increases in strength, vascularity and recovery as well as stamina.

What makes magnapower truly unique other then its ability to induce huge gains in strength and muscle mass with no side effects is the delivery system which ensures no creatine is wasted. As a result this magnificent creatine supplement has been proven to be 10 times stronger then conventional creatine formulas!!! A definite must have for anyone serious seeking to improve their strength and power with no water retention, bloating or loading phases!

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Rated By: PaulWinn Rated 1
Creatine works awesome for me but, I m so disappointed with this. I used it for 4 weeks and NOTHING zero strength increases or energy increases which I get when I use Creatamax 300. Really really disappointed with this purchase - Zero out of 10

Rated By: Harry Rated 5
Amazing stuff got for 17 for a month supply, best strength gains i have ever had, better pump, muscles look full and cut all the time, hit personal bests on all my lifts and i have tried alot of creatines before. Awesome

Rated By: Danny Rated 5
I m a complete newbie to bodybuilding, I ordered the Kre-aklalyn which was out of stock. The sales team recommended this and to say I have been amazed would be an understatement. I m on a cut, losing bodyfat but each week I am more progressive with weight, I can really see the fullness of my muscles and hope it continues. Well worth a try. Ordering more soon. :)

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Posted By: Tim Posted: 25/01/2012 10:28:01
Considering the extra creatine. Is it ok to take this while using Afterglow ...if so can you recommend training and non training day dosage ..many thanks.

Posted By: Admin
Hi Tim

Yes you can use it alongside afterglow! The creatine in magna power is creatine magnesium chelate which does not require large dosages to be effective, thus maintain a daily dose (regardless of training or none training days) of 4 capsules per day split into 2 seperate servings (ideally pre trainnig and post training)

Posted By: Kabz Posted: 20/12/2011 04:09:49
Hi, I was about to start an epi cycle and wanted to use Magna power alongside. How would you recommend dosing this supplement

Posted By: Admin
Hi Kabz

Magnapower is an excellent creatine supplement and is very efficient, similar to creatine ethyl ester magneisum creatine chelate has a good uptake percentage. Consume 2 caps pre training and a further 2 caps after training. On none training days take 2 caps twice on seperate occasions throughout the day

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