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Reflex Colostrum

Colostrum is found in early lactating mothers milk. It causes an increase in IGF-1, a powerful growth factor that may increase muscle glains.


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Size: Caps 120



Colostrum is technically speaking milk found in the mammary glands of late pregnancy or lactating mammals. Before you start wondering why is there a supplement with the by-product of breast milk out there, read the following to understand the true benefits of supplementing with reflex colostrum.

As mentioned Colostrum is found in lactating mother’s milk, however it has several benefits to athletes as it is rich in IGF-1. IGF-1 is a very powerful growth factor that may increase muscle size gains, and is a major contributor in the muscle building process.

IGF-1 and IGF-1 precursors have been around for a while now, closely associated with elevated Growth Hormone levels. All though the ingestion of IGF-1 does not fully get utilised in the body, it does supply a natural source of IGF-1 and cause an increase in natural IGF-1 production.

Colostrum also contains antibodies, usually intended for newborns to protect them from disease and assist immune function. Supplementing with reflex colostrum will provide additional protection to athlete’s immune system, as strenuous training can cause deterioration to the strength of an athlete’s immune function.

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Rated By: J Rated 5
i would recommend this to anyone who is serious about the gym.... my strength increased and also my recovery was amazing... will not train wihtout this now ....

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Posted By: mike Posted: 08/06/2011 15:51:11
was just wondering does this stuff turn to estrogen jst bit worried bout getting man boobs off it

Posted By: Admin
No Mike, you'll be fine.

Posted By: David Posted: 04/03/2010 07:06:53
Hi BA, could you advise on the best way to dose Colostrum 1-3 caps, 2-4 times a day is very vague as its suggesting anywhere between 2 - 12 caps per day. Should they be taken with meals, before/after training, before bed Thanks in Advance

Posted By: Admin
Hi David. The dosing is fairly irrelevant in relation to the times you take it. Simply take 1-4 caps daily at whichever is most convenient for you. A lot of guys like taking colostrum before bed as they believe it illicts a positive growth hormone response, so I'd use two caps then, and maybe two in the morning.

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