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Boditronics Express Protein XTR-4

Express Protein XTR-4
Protein blend brought to you by boditronics featuring additional glutamine and 4 different sources of protein. A superb time release protein shake to help sustain muscle recovery


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Boditronics have transferred their sweeping success of their trademark Express Whey protein and created a fantastic, more versatile blend - an excellent, tasteful addition to the protein blend market.

Express Protein XRT-4 offers athlete's a great solution to supplementing their protein income in a delicious way. Maintaining the brilliant success Boditronics have had with their trademark flavouring in the past, the XRT-4 formula also offers a sustained release of amino acids in addition to the supreme effects whey already has on protein synthesis.

The XRT-4 matrix combines four excellent sources of protein in undenatured whey concentrate, micellar casein, egg and soya isolate for rapid and slow release amino's into the bloodstream to support an optimal environment for building muscle and recovery. Also fortified with glutamine and additional EAA's, the composition of the formula allows athletes to recover with confidence and further complement this optimal environment. Also low in carbs and fat per serving, XRT-4 is sure to strike popularity amongst the big boys in this category as an excellent addition to the market.

Promoting muscle growth, support fat loss and improve athletic performance are all objectives protein blends can be used for, and the specialitity in flavouring and synergistic blends of protein make this an excellent proposition for anyone hoping to achieve these goals.

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