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Boditronics Mass Attack Juggernaut

Mass Attack Juggernaut

Mass Attack Juggernaut is a super high calorie all-in-one weight gain supplement delivering over 650 calories per serving and a massive 57g of protein split between fast release and slow release protein sources. Its purpose is to provide all the macro nutrients, and functional ingredients to develop strength, power and muscle mass.

Containing 13g of glutamine peptides and 12g of BCAA it has a perfect amino acid profile to support recovery and spare muscle tissue during training.

Containing Creatine, Beta Alanine and Taurine, 3 proven ingredients to generate increased training strength, Boditronics Mass Attack Juggernaut is a firm favourite for athletes looking for performance and optimum nutrition all in one supplement.


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Supplementation can be a minefield. Juggling several different products such as creatine, protein powders, capsules, has always been confusing for a lot of us. But gaining solid mass has never been more simple: a surplus of calories is needed alongside a quality ingredient profile to build slabs of muscle. Mass Attack Juggernaut is the solution.

Juggernaut amplifies mass gains by taking it much further than just a surplus of quality calories needed to build the mainstay of your mass. It also amplifies performance to a level the industry is shocked to see. Never before has an all-in-one weight gainer took the time to combine a synergistic blend of the most promising scientific ingredients to promote optimal performance and muscle growth. This is the Daddy of all-in-one weight gainers.

Ploughing your muscle tissue with over 650 calories per serving, the spectrum of fast and slow release proteins supply the muscles with a blistering 57grams per serving. Combine this with heavy molecular carbohydrates to fuel glycogen and power you through workouts alongside some healthy fats, and the foundation is laid. But a foundation needs bricks to be built upon it - and this is where Juggernaut puts itself in a league of its own.

Everyone knows amino acids are critical to growth and recovery. But athletes need specific amino acids to deliver the best results - namely BCAA's to support massive levels of protein synthesis and glutamine peptides for crucial recovery from strenuous workouts we subject our body's to. Juggernaut powers you through barbaric workouts and initiates ample recovery with a whopping 12grams of glutamine peptides and 13grams of BCAA's per serving!

On the subject of elevating protein synthesis for optimal growth, you'll be pleased to know the Juggernaut formula also provides a massive 7grams of leucine - arguably the most pivotal amino acid to muscle growth - in each serving! Can somebody say "anabolic"?

So we're in a pretty good position for optimal growth right now. Here comes the performance side: Mass Attack Juggernaut powers you through your workouts with 2grams of the prestigious beta-alanine in every serving; buffering lactic acid in the muscle to support endurance, more reps, a higher pain threshold and ultimately, more intensity to stimulate muscle growth. Combine this with the synergistic qualities of 5grams of creatine monohydrate - sports nutrition's favourite lovechild - and ATP is supercharged and muscular energy through the roof. Increased explosiveness and strength skyrockets. You potentate for some serious body recomposition effects. Taurine rounds out the performance aspect in a cool 1.5gram serving to deliver great energy throughout and further improve your training.

The Daddy of all-in-one's. Mass Attack Juggernaut has gatecrashed the sports nutrition industry; make way or be bulldozed by its "victims"!

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Mass Attack Juggernaut should be taken twice a day between meals.

Each serving should be made with 2 heaped scoops of powder and 350ml of water. Add to a blender bottle and shake thouroughly, consuming immediately.

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Artificial sweetener Sucralose.

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