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Boditronics IntraCell


IntraCell, a comprehensive intra-workout supplement that reduces muscle breakdown during training and potentiates the body for post workout recovery and growth killing catabolism in its tracks. Based around the 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA which in scientific studies has been shown to spare muscle tissue during intense training.

Boditronics IntraCell also contains Glutamine, Citruline Malate and Vitamin B6 for the production and availability of energy for anaerobic exercise along with a rich supply of electrolytes to aid hydration to maximise muscular function. Other key features include:

  • Enhanced recovery, decreased muscle tissue breakdown
  • Increased ATP production
  • Reduces fatigue and supports mental focus
  • Increased pumps and vascular dilation
  • Increases protein utilisation post workout

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Everybody's talking about pre-workout and post-workout and the "anabolic windows", yet they're forgetting possibly the most crucial period of all: intra-workout!

During your training sessions, muscle fibres get exhausted, tissue gets broken down, glycogen gets depleted, and the rate of catabolism skyrockets. When you're having long, strenuous sessions, this becomes a problem and for many of us. Performance has a tendancy to dip towards the latter end of the workout. Until now, we just had to accept this...

The solution? Intra Cell by Boditronics!

Intra Cell immediately halts the catabolic process and is ideal for a huge variety of athletes. It doesn't matter whether you're a bodybuilder, athlete, MMA fighter, boxer, fitness enthusiast, endurance athlete, etc; Intra Cell will extend your workouts, prolong performance and increase protein synthesis. You heard that right! Intra Cell has the power to amplify anabolic reactions in your body during a stereotypically catabolic environment! What more could you want?

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Intra Workouts

Add 1 scoop (about 25g) to 500ml of water and shake in a blender for a few seconds.

Take about half the drink 15 minutes before training and sip the rest during your workout.

IntraCell can also be used immediately after your workout as an alternative to a regular recovery drink. Mix as above and consume immediately after training. Wait 30 minutes before eating or having a protein shake.






Citrulline Mallate


Citric Acid

Calcium Chloride

Sodium Chloride

Magnesium Citrate

Potassium Chloride

Beta Carotene


Artificial Sweetener (Sucralose)


Vitamin B6

Rated By: Jimmy P Rated 5

Started using IntraCell and Recovery RX by boditonics just over 4 weeks ago and my training has gone really well. im feeling stronger during training and not as knackered after my workout so the combo gets a big thumbs up from me

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