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Ultimate Workout Stack

Ultimate Workout Stack
Combining crazy intensity, superhuman strength, endless energy and total focus with the only product that could help you recover from such a lunatic workout. Meet the ultimate workout partnership


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Combine insanely intense training sessions that combine superhuman strength with unlimited energy and a single minded focus on training that just wont let you quit, with the only supplement ever developed that's powerful enough to help you recover from such an all out lunatic workout. Meet the Ultimate Workout Stack

This combination of two of BioRhythms most potent supplements allows you to train to your maximum and set new personal bests, and yet recover so fully that you'll be able to out perform your best at the very next workout.

Make plateaus and stagnation a thing of the past. Make progression at every workout a given. Feel and see changes happening faster than ever before.

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Posted By: Shawn Posted: 25/01/2012 23:03:11
I live in the USA and I really like this site but I noticed that these 2 products on the biorhythm page cannot be shipped here. But as a stack it says nothing about it. Does that mean you guys will ship both ssinjuice and afterglow over here since its a stack

Posted By: Admin
Hi Shawn

No we would be incapable of sending any biorhythm supplements regardless of whether or not they are in a kit or bought seperately back to the US i'm afraid.

Posted By: Josh Posted: 01/09/2011 13:46:44
Hi, just wondering what your views would be on taking this stack along side the Dual Performance Stack

Posted By: Admin
Yes, you could certainly do this Josh.

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