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BioRhythm Slim to None

Slim to None
A dietary supplement to help lose excess water, and stored semi-digested food trapped in the colon. Excess water blurs muscle definition, and with the average person holding about 7lb of trapped food in the colon distending their mid-section, riding yourself of these 2 issues can not only make you look a lot better, but feel a lot healthier too.


Rated 4.5 / 5 with 2 ratings

Size: Caps 60


Naturally SLIM with NONE of the stimulants!

Slim to None by Biorhythm is a dual function weight loss supplement intended as a colon cleansing detoxifying agent and a natural diuretic supplement to get you looking better and feeling great within days!

Water under the skin is a problem for many people and will blur and soften the look of your physique or figure, as well as adding unwanted pounds. After all the effort you've gone to this is hugely disappointing, but fortunately Slim to None can address this issue within days.

The other issue faced by many people is a distended stomach. The average person holds 4-7lb of indigestible food in their colon which causes a fuller look to your midsection than necessary and usually makes you feel a little uncomfortable and sluggish.

Again, Slim to None addresses this common problem by using herbal activists that cause bowel emptying resulting in a colon cleansing that rids the body of this unwanted waste, leaving your midsection looking smaller and tighter and you feeling a lot healthier and more energetic.

So if you want to see the real results of your training and diet program, try using Slim to None for 1 - 2 weeks and shed pounds, look tighter, slimmer and more defined.

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Take a serving prior to bed for 1 to 2 weeks.

For increased effectiveness, take an additional serving upon awakening on an empty stomach.

Each serving should always be taken with at least 8 oz. of water.

Start with 1 capsule per serving, slowly increase the number of capsules per serving until the desired bowel movements per day are achieved. Reduce servings or discontinue if diarrhoea occurs

Cascara Sagrada

Buckthorn Bark

Bentonite Clay

Slippery Elm


Flax Seeds


Peppermint Leaves

Boldo Leaf

Milk Thistle

Uva Ursi


Rated By: Polish warrior Rated 5
This stuff is the best .really works fast and gives you that more defined look after 2 weeks .i took them for 2 weeks 1 in morning and 1 before bed , yes I was pooing a bit more often but was well worth the extra few pounds I lost before my holiday in Dominican .i recommend them .

Rated By: DFW Rated 4
This stuff is actually quite good - been taking for 2 weeks and have lost around 2 kilos! Does make you go more but nothing too drastic - none of the horror stories on some bodybuilding forums about being caught out between toilets. If you ve got a balanced diet you should be pretty regular anyway and this shouldn t really be used as a constipation remedy - just to shift those last few kilos before a holiday. Only downside is it costs you more in clothes: have dropped a trouser size in under 2 weeks :+))

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Posted By: ant Posted: 27/07/2011 16:34:12
Hey, im thinking on trying theese out.... ive not long started training and want to loose some pounds quiker than i have been doing, itll be a one off thing i think so am wondering if i stop takeing them while continueing to train would i pile the weight back on once stopd or stay around the same size ( if you know what i mean) lol
cheers ant :)

Posted By: Admin
This isn't necessarily a strong fat loss product as such - more so a prominent colon cleanser and something to reduce excess build-up in the body to reveal a more crisp look to your waist line. I would get some Slim to None to use on and off on occasions as a detox agent for aesthetic purposes, and then use a strong thermogenic fat burner like Inferno's for more consistent fat loss results.

Posted By: David Posted: 02/04/2012 14:52:51
Hi, I currently use PHD diet whey with either inferno 2 s or PHD lean degree. Is it safe to use the slim to none along with this mix I currently go to the gym around five times a week, mainly focusing on CV with the aim to burn body fat and tone up, not bulk up.

Posted By: Admin
Hi David, Slim to none should be used on it's own on seperate days. It's is designed to remove any stored food in the colon and will eradicate any water your body has stored also. It would be best to take slim to none before you go to bed and only when you have a day off the following day.

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