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Reflex Zinc Matrix

Zinc Matrix

Reflex Zinc Matrix has been designed and developed, redesigned and reformulated over the years to be the most effective Zinc/Magnessium supplement of its kind. It uses patented technology to provide superior biologically available minerals in the Albion Chelated form.

Zinc Matrix is further enhanced with vitamin B6.

  • Supports optimum protein synthesis
  • supports a healthy immune system
  • Reduces fatigue and tiredness from exercise
  • Supports optimum hormonal levels


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A blend of Zinc and magnesium, zinc matrix is a formula not to be overlooked! Zinc is fundamental and critical in forming the hormone testosterone and as a result, zinc and ZMA based products can assist optimal testosterone levels.

Reflex Zinc matrix is precisely dosed to provide the precise amount of zinc necessary to ensure test levels are optimise. The blend of both zinc and magnesium has also shown very promising results in encouraging deep sleep as well as a healthy appetite.

These benefits of course can lead to increase muscle growth and improved recovery by both enhancing recovery (deep night sleep), increasing appetite (ensuring adequate calories are ingested for muscle hypertrophy) and optimising testosterone levels aids both recovery and growth.

Ideal for hard training athletes or during intense dieting.

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Take 4 capsules every day before going to sleep.

Ideally take on an empty stomach.

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