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Applied Nutrition Critical Mass 2700

Critical Mass 2700

Critical Mass 2700 is the most potent mass gaining muscle builder to ever enter the weight gain arena. Its high quality protein blend in conjunction with a low GI carbohydrate mix and fortified with MCT's to boost calorie levels make Applied Nutrition Critical Mass the most calorie dense, protein rich weight gainer ever created.

At 900 calories per serving and a whopping 52g of protein, Critical Mass provides an abundance of nutrients for even the hardest training athlete looking to gain muscle mass in record time.

  • 2700 calories per day with 156g of protein
  • Low GI, Low sugars, high in complex waxy maize starch
  • Supports sustained insulin levels and muscle building environment
  • Ideal for size, strength and muscle mass

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The ultimate in serious mass gain for hard gainers and athletes looking to build extreme muscle size. Critical Mass 2700 has been formulated to deliver everything you need in terms of protein, carbohydrates, fats and overall calories to add huge levels of muscle weight and body mass without loading your body with dead calories that simply result in fat gain.

To make the most out of the unique weight gainer Critical Mass you should keep two things firmly in mind. Firstly, Over a 6-8 week period you must eat 'big' every day without exception, no day should go by where you under eat. Secondly, during the weight gain period your training must emphasise strength and progression, every workout should be based around core exercises and adding that little bit more to the bar at every workout.

This synergistic approach means that your body gets in more calories and can perform at a higher level. By then performing at a higher level your muscles demand the extra nutrients in Critical Mass 2700 to repair and build. This becomes a self repeating cycle where you increase strength, increase food utilisation, resulting in more muscle making you stronger for your next workout.

Here is a sample diet we suggest to our customers who are looking for serious muscle mass gains in a short period of time:

- Breakfast (high in oats, cereals and grains plus a 1-2 portions of fruit and protein from eggs or milk )
- First serving of Critical Mass 2700 weight gain drink
- Lunch (based around breads, rice, potato, pasta and a small portion of meat/fish with green veg)
- Second serving of Critical Mass 2700 weight gain drink
- Evening Meal (modest carb level low GI index such as brown rice, jacket potato, whole grain pasta, green veg and fish/meat)
- Final serving of Critical Mass 2700 weight gain drink

Take each serving of Critical Mass about 3 hours after eating a solid meal, and leave about 2 further hours before eating your next solid food meal.

Remember though, when trying to gain weight and build muscle size you need to eat 'big' day in day out with consistance and persistance over several weeks. A few days of poor eating can undo the efforts of a good weeks efforts. Although it sounds simple, its suprissingly difficult as bloating, wrong nutritional choices, loss of appetite, and skipping meals all result in sub optimal progress.

Applied Nutrition Critical Mass provides a simple and inexpensive solution by providing a weight gain that digests quickly and easily allowing you to eat your normal meals without feeling as if youre force feeding ourself. This makes it a simple mater to get the high level of protein and complex carbohydrates you need to make consistent progress.

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Applied Nutrition
Weight Gainers

A full sized serving of Critical Mass delivers a whopping 900 calories when mixed as directed in water. Of that over 200 calories comes from protein (52g) which is enough for even the biggest of you and meets the dietary needs of even the most extreme protein eater.

A cautionary note. Although the instructions say 4 heaped scoops, my experience is that the powder is so fluffy that it expands hugely during transit and I've found I need to use 6 heaped scoops to reach the serving size of 232g. Our recommendation is to weigh the first serving out and put in a shaker so you can see how much powder to use for future servings.

Add a small amount of water to the shaker and mix, then add the full amount. Critical Mass is so fluffy initially that its impossible to fit the full amount of water in the shaker straight away, but as soon as it touches water it blends right in.

The ideal mix is somewhere around 232g of powder to around 450ml of water, but you can add more or less to get a thinner or creamier drink.

Although its a lot of calories in a single shake, its surprising how quickly it digests and clears through your stomach. Most people are ready to eat again comfortably within 2 hours, making this a perfect choice for people with smaller appetites or who find themselves feeling bloated on many or the weight gains or mass builders out there.

At full use, thats 3 servings a day, you get a huge 2700 calories a day to your diet and over 150g of protein. For maximal absorption, we suggest alternating solid food meals with Critical Mass to ensure there is enough fibre and solid food in your system to keep your digestive system healthy.

Protein blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Egg Albumin, Calcium Caseinate, Whey Hydrolysate)

Carb Blend (Waxy Maize Starch, Maltodextrin, Levulose, Inulin)

Fat Blend (MCT, Flax Oil Powder, CLA, Soy Lecithin)


Cocoa (Chocolate flavour only)

Tricalcium Phosphate

Natural & Artificial Flavours


Rated By: patrick Rated 4
good for those who struggle to put weight on, mixes well and tastes good too.

Rated By: Chaz Rated 3
Tastes horrid (strawberry) but does the job so cant really complain will try another flavour next time

Rated By: Olly Rated 5
Wowza! 3 inch on my arms in 8wks and only been using this. It works!

Rated By: Mike Rated 4
Started of at 9st 10lbs...finished my tub of this and was 10st 8lbs. defo buying some more!

Rated By: Will Rated 5
This stuff is class. The mix of simple and complex carbs help you recover quick. You can seriously feel yourself growing. Strength has gone up and lookin bigger. Back again for some more soon...

Rated By: Daxid Hill Rated 5

First time ive gained a worthwhile amount of weight with a high calorie protein shake. Really easy to get down. followed the instructions to the letter and found it didnt upset my stomach, spoil my meals, or make me feel bloated. Things ive had with lots of others

Rated By: Olly Rated 5
Put on some good size and taste is awesome!

Rated By: jermaine Rated 1
used the bi 4.4kg tub 3 shakes a day at the full amoounts and ive recently finished without putting on any mass

Rated By: Chris Rated 2

Full of sugar, you ll end up losing your foot taking this shit lol, I ran out of my usual whey and my cousin gave me a full pack of this stuff and I won t have it for free lol, critical flab would be a better name for it lol

Rated By: Lee Rated 5
Excellent product and fantastic value. Does exactly what it says. Ideal for someone like me who has a very fast metabolism. Not sure what Dan is complaining about. Ive tried pretty much every possible weight gainer and i d never choose anything else now

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Posted By: Niraj Posted: 08/01/2011 13:59:12
Hi there,

After having a long stint of taking Maximuscle Thermobol, i ve lost a fair bit of weight. I m now looking to put some decent muscle on but i don t want to be TO big. I m looking for the more magazine cover model look. I m just concious that i ve work hard to lose all this fat, and don t want to put it back on again, just want to be bigger and more toned.

What other products can you recommend for me to take.

I m 5 10 and 12 stone.

Hope you can help,



Posted By: Admin
Hi Niraj,

Simple be careful with the calories. Take a good protein shake such as Peptide Fusion or 90+, and try not to over indulge in crappy foods in the quest to add some mass. The gains will come slowly but surely. Check our forums building muscle mass section for more tips.

Posted By: Apostolos Posted: 09/12/2011 21:11:03
I am a very hard gainer and i read a lot of god things about Critical Mass 2700 and i want to give it a try.I want to know if it contains any artificial sweeteners because i dont see them on the label.Thank you.

Posted By: Admin
Hi Apostolos

Critical mass only states it has natural as well as artificial flavours, there is no mention of artificial sweeteners on the ingredient list so you should be fine supplementing with critical mass

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