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NutriSport Creatine Tablets

Creatine Tablets
World renown creatine monohydrate in a convenient and easy to store tablet form.

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Creatine Monohydrate - The fuel source for explosive muscular contractions. Develop your power, speed and muscle growth with the longest standing, most famous and used sports supplement of all sporting endeavours

Manufactured by NutriSport, a North West UK based company, who are one of the largest independent sports nutrition manufacturers in Europe.

Creatine Tablets are a creatine tablet as opposed to a powder, designed for creatine convenience, ease of use and simplicity.

Ideal source of creatine when convenience is paramount.

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Creatine Supplements

Take 5 - 10 tablets As Required

Rated By: JP Rated 5
Good product, especially for the price. I found it easier to break each tablet up into at least half, maybe even quarters Also, for the loading dose, I broke it up into 5 lots of 2 tablets, or you could break it to 2 lots of 5, or even 2 lots of 3 and one lot of 4 whatever works best for you init.. I would deffo reccomend this supplement though.

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Posted By: Liam Posted: 09/02/2011 15:06:56
The loading does for these is 10 tablets, does this mean i have to take 10 in one go

Posted By: Admin
You can split the dosage up during the day Liam, that's not a problem.

Posted By: shayne Posted: 07/01/2010 17:24:01
How am i meant to take these 1000g creatine tablet, they are huge

Posted By: Admin
They are very big tablets shayne, but its just a case of a big mouth full of water and get it down you unfortunately. You could however crush the tablet into a drink jsut like you do with the powder!

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