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Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight

Mass Attack Heavyweight

Mass Attack Heavyweight is the highest calorie supplement in the Boditronics 'Mass Attack' range and is aimed at the hard gainer or the person looking to gain significant body and muscle mass very quickly. Having 60g of protein in a daily serving and a whopping 1,300 calories it really is perfect for packing on mass.

Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight has a good split of simple and complex carbohydrates, supporting a steady release of energy. Its protein source is derived from Whey protein and whole milk proteins.

  • 1,300 calories for rapid weight gains over a short time period
  • 60g of blended protein to support muscle growth and repair
  • Contains MCT's for increased energy
  • 206g of blended carbohydrates (4:1 Complex to Simple)


Rated 3 / 5 with 2 ratings


Hardgainers unite: Mass Attack Heavyweight has arrived. To build muscle, you need calories to support those strenuous, intense workouts that have a gruelling effect on the body. Mass Attack Heavyweight is the ideal hardcore solution for hardgainers or those simply looking to pack on muscle mass rapidly.

Mass Attack Heavyweight engorges your muscles with a monstrous 1300 calories per serving. Keeping protein levels peaked emphatically with 60grams of highly potent bioavailable sources, it’s combined with a huge surge of glycogen topping carbohydrate – 206g to be precise!

This is combined with the most proven scientific mass building supplement in history: creatine monohydrate.

Get stronger, get bigger, repeat – with Mass Attack Heavyweight. The hardgainers solution.

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Weight Gainers

Add 4 heaped sccops (300g) of powder to a shaker bottle or blender and add 300ml of water. Shake the blender bottle for 30 seconds and drink immediately. Milk can be used in place of water, but more liquid will be required for a similar texture.

In water, a 300g serving provides 1,300 calories, 60g of protein,, 206g of carbohydrates (60g of sugars), 21g of fats (9g saturated).

Take a serving of Mass Attack Heavyweight 2 hours after a solid food meal and 2 hours before your next meal to allow for stomach emptying.

If desired, the serving may be split into 2 smaller sevings and taken as above.

Ultimate Energy Blend (Maltodextrin, Ground Whole Oats, Medium Chain Triglycerides)

Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate)

Heavyweight Gain Stack (Dextrose Monohydrate, Creatine Monohydrate)

Cocoa powder (in Chocolate and Mocha)


Colour (None in Vanilla, Beta Carotene in Banana, Beetroot Red in Strawberry, Caramel in Toffee).

Rated By: ollieboi101 Rated 1
cant mix it with semi skimmed milk as that is all i have at work but will give it a go when i get home with full fat milk. mass attack evo has always been good for me, hopefully this will be the same and the free shaker that comes with it is S**T!!

Rated By: pie Rated 5
took 2 tubs put my strenth good

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Posted By: Ben Posted: 17/01/2011 20:46:03
Hello, just wondering, the sugar content of the product seems to be quite high, of what nature are they Thanks, kind regards.

Posted By: Admin
Maltodextrin Ben mixed in with oats.

Posted By: adam Posted: 02/02/2011 13:42:47
which is better for wieght gaining critical mass or mass attack

Posted By: Admin
Hi Adam,

Both are heavily calorie dense. Mass Attack slightly more so than Critical Mass. So if you're simply after more calories, then that may be the better option for you.

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