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Enhanced Labs Uproar


Why buy Enhanced Labs Uproar? Simple, it smashes the 3 absolute essentials for a preworkout supplement; it dials training intensity up to 10, it causes a rampant surge in strength, and it floods your body with muscular endurance.

Uproar is a preworkout with few equalls. In fact, as many of the legandary products of the past have been removed as OTC supplements, this is the first super powered pre-workout supplement to legally enter the market.

Within 15 minutes of taking a serving of Uproar PreWorkout you'll begin to feel it gush into your system. You'll feel an almost super human energy course through your body, you'll feel motivated to undertake the most punishing workout, but you'll feel strong, you'll feel you can lift anything, and as the sets go by rep by rep, you'll perform that training dream - the perfect workout!


Rated 4.36 / 5 with 14 ratings

Size: Servs-30

Optn: Blue/Rasp


Uproar is a very sophisticated and advanced preworkout supplement designed for the serious athlete who wants to take rapid steps forward in performance or physique improvements. Combined with a progressive workout program you can expect to make significantly greater improvements than you normally would.

To get the most out of your time using uproar its important to understand how it works so that you can apply this to your workout, because if you don't adjust your workout program you'll miss the opportunity to make the massive gains that are possible.

Uproar is a central nervous system stimulant, it drives the hormone, adrenaline, responsible for the 'fight or flight' feeling you get when in a nervous situation. Once this hormone floods your system you're able to recruit more muscle fibres, contract muscle fibres harder, and contract muscle fibres for longer.

When you take those features together, you'll understand why Uproar can help you lift heavier weights, and grind out more reps in each set. You'll also understand why you stay strong longer into your workout.

This hormone, along with other ingredients in Uproar, also boost mental clarity, or focus. In other words, you are motivated and single minded during your workout. This means you can try harder, and also push yourself past normal sticking points, those points where the mind gives out before the body really did!

Ok, armed with this knowledge, you have to apply it to your workout program. Here's a few ideas:

  • Make sure every exercise is performed in a progressive fashion. Your 'main' work set for every exercise should be a little heavier (even 0.25kg) than your last workout, or you should get 1 extra rep.
  • Really focus on getting stronger. Pick basic movements to form the core of your workout like squats, bench press, deadlifts.
  • Don't miss any workouts for the time you use Uproar.
  • Set some realistic short term goals and go all out to stick to them
  • Eat well, sleep well, don't over-train!

Right, you're ready. Buy a tub of Uproar and impress yourself with how far you really can go!

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Pre-Workout Supplements

Take one regular sized serving 15 minutes prior to training in 5oz of water. Ideally take on an empty stomach, specifically carbohydrates can dull the impact of the product. Experienced users can modify serving size slightly.

Do not use more than once per day. Only use if in perfect health.

Over time you will become accustomed to Uproar and its effects will diminish. At this point take a 4 week break to re-sensitise your system. To prevent your body adapting to Uproar only use it once or twice per week on your most demanding workouts and you will extend its effective period for several months and for many, indefinitely.

Rated By: Sav Rated 5
Tried many preworkout supplements before including jack3D, ssin juice, crack, no xplode, superpump 250 and many more. Jack3D was the only one that worked for me and felt it. So the next step was to start making my own preworkout since jack3D lately i think was toned down a bit. Then saw this new Rampage preworkout on your website and after reading the ingredients i said i will give it a go before i start making my own formula. I can say i was not dissapointed and believe it is equivalent to jack3d before it was toned down. This will be my new preworkout from now, bravo!!!

Rated By: Joe B Rated 4
Great workouts and even better pump. Awesome service too...

Rated By: Harry Rated 5
Received this yesterday and used it last night. Absolutely amazing!!

Rated By: Matt Rated 5
You become so focused and fatigue takes so much longer to kick in! Your muscles become numb they are that pumped

Rated By: DFW Rated 3
OK but has an awful, really strong, synthetic taste with a pungetn marzipan/cherry smell. God only knows why it has to be such a vivid red colour on mixing. Will no dpubt go back to Jack3d when finished. God, I ve got another tub left ......

Rated By: Paul Rated 5
This is sum crazy pre workout jucie!!! wow i got a great pump from this stuff just keeps you up there, might not work on everyone but worth a tub to try Awesome!!!

Rated By: Alec M Rated 5
SSSSTTTTTrong stuff!

Rated By: Tim Rated 5
Also tried Jack3D which was great for a while, but gives you strange mood swings and memory loss! Rampage is absolutely superb, just makes you feel good whilst working out, and puts you in a great mood for the rest of the day! Certainly will reorder when this one is done.

Rated By: Marko Rated 4
Blew my head off!

Rated By: kenny Rated 4

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Posted By: Les Cooper Posted: 11/10/2014 11:17:08

Any way of getting samples for this

Posted By: T 800 Posted: 15/01/2012 18:16:52
If you work out twice a day can this be taken prior to each session

Posted By: Admin
Hi T-800, you can take this before each session but you need to be aware that rampage is very high dosages of caffeine so may not be able to sleep later on in the day. Also too much caffeine fires up your nervous system and make you jittery and you can suffer from bad comedowns. I would recommend only using when you really need the boost to get you through a session.

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