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Boditronics Protein Splash Iso Whey

Protein Splash Iso Whey

Protein Splash-ISO-WHEY is the very purest form of whey protein isolate available and is almost fat, carbohydrate, and lactose free resulting in a light and refreshing pure protein drink ideal for those looking to keep calories low or requiring a fast boost of amino acids.

Boditronics Iso Whey is an acid resistant, clear whey isolate:

  • High biological value resulting in increased absorption
  • Fast release protein source, ideal for post workout, early morning.
  • Ideally supports fat loss programs


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An elite high biological value whey protein that comes in excellent tasting fruity flavours.

Virtually free of lactose, fat and carbohydrates this is protein in its purest form and who would have thought a whey protein isolate drink could taste like this? refreshing, light, delicious and bound to tingle all your taste buds with sheer pleasure, whey 2 O is simply astounding!

No added preservatives or colourings ensures that Whey 2 O is the ultimate in fast acting fruit flavoured protein drinks, a revolutionary sports supplement that at only 77kcal per serving will assist dieters and provide nothing but pure protein top ups to hardcore bodybuilders.

Of course having a protein shake that tastes good is only half the battle it must also be good quality to deliver quality gains in size and strength. For this boditronics have used pure whey protein isolate, the fastest digesting protein in the world!

This incredible tasting protein supplement is therefore digested and broken into its component amino acids so rapidly that shortly after consuming whey 2 O your muscles will be bombarded with a healthy supply of amino acids ready and willing to build stronger larger muscle fibres.

This is an ideal supplement to be taken directly after training as the high BV nature will cause a huge influx of amino acids quickly, supplying your body with all the critical building blocks to help recover. Not only this but by enjoying a fresh fruity tasting shake you feel replenished and rewarded for a hard session in the gym as oppose to milky or chalk like tasting protein drinks.

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Protein Powder Supplements

Protein Splash is best mixed in a blender bottle.

Add 25g of powder to a blender with 250ml of water, shake well, allow to settle and drink immediately. Note that the hyper low fat levels in Protein Splash causes the product to froth when mixed, this is normal and settles quickly.

Protein Splash is a delicious fruity shake, very refreshing, and can be taken with meals, between meals as many times per day as required.

Whey Protein Isolate

Citric Acid


Colour (Beta Carotene) and Sweetener (Sucralose)

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