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Atlas Super Weight Gainer 1500

Super Weight Gainer 1500
A protein and carbohydrate blend at an economical price enabling the athlete to use high levels of the product for significant weight gain.

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Atlas Superweight gainer is a brilliant supplement for those seeking to gain lean muscle mass but without breaking the bank on expensive other branded over-glorified and over-exaggerated weight gainers.

Manufactured by Nutrisport, this supplement belongs to a family brand name of 'Atlas'. Nutrisport are a UK based company in the Northwest and specialise in making superb quality supplements at affordable prices.

Superweight Gainer 1500 is a high calorie weight gain shake filled with premium quality macronutrients to fuel the anabolism during your bulking cycle. With a 35% protein and 50% carbohydrate blend, superweight gainer 1500 is a fantastic lean muscle builder with no unnecessary ingredients!

Utilising a pharmaceutical grade protein blend alongside a three stage carbohydrate mixture, the blend of nutrients is tailed to be favourable for adding lean muscle mass. In addition to the impressive macronutrient line-up, the micronutrients such as multi-vitamins and mineral complex is also of considerable advantage to anyone using this superb weight gain shake.

If you are a hardgainer or have a physical job and your goal is to gain lean muscle mass, drinking several shakes per day in between meals of this awesome superweight gainer 1500 will unlock your mass potential and allow you to grow!

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Rated By: Lee Rated 5
Really good product! I thought the 6 scoops was a little much so I contacted Nutrisport direct and asked them... the 6 scoops is actually a daily serving and should be divided into individual servings (eg 2 scoops each time 3 servings.... 3 scoops each time 2 servings).

Anyway, I absolutely love this product, I was 10 st 2 and in 6 months I got up to 11 st 10... Great gains!!!

Rated By: Chris Rated 5
Brilliant supplement overall
Good gains, decent taste, fantastic value for money!!!

Rated By: hugo Rated 5
i dont know what all these negative comments about this product are maybe your not going to the gym whilst taking it.... its a good suppliment and would recomend it! instead of having 6 scoops in one shake i have 2 x 3 scoops with water mixes much easier and tastes quality! deffinately going to buy it again!!

Rated By: Adam Rated 3
Definitely is worth buying but banana is a very weird taste, I don t reccomened banana.

Rated By: Paul Jackson Rated 2
My diet is good just wanted a gainer for a bit of extra help. This isn t the product for me though. Gonna go back to Critical Mass. If it ain t broke, don t fix it...

Rated By: Owain Hughes Rated 5
Had this stuff 2 times now the 5 kg tubs and are really afective wen start ed this stuff was 9st 12 and after fineshed i was 10 st 2 and think this is a really good bye for the money.

Rated By: Brian Rated 2
Not for me, had better. Doesn t mix well and i agree with below, tastes wierd...

Rated By: Josh Rated 3
Strawberry is awful, I actually dread coming home from the gym, to face the flavour!

Rated By: Michael Rated 4
yes it is hard to digest if you take the full 6 scoops in one go, but if you break it down into 3 lots of 2 a day then its fine. i ve had no problem digesting this.

Rated By: Andy W Rated 2
These reviews are not my experience. It mixes poorly and doesn t taste great. I ve put on 2lb but couldn t say this was a good buy. Great service from you guys though, thanks

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Posted By: jordon Posted: 06/07/2010 20:10:07
i find this supplement too sweet, wot can i do to make it less sweeter,

Posted By: Admin
Take it in more water. Try splitting each serving in 2, taken 10 minutes apart. However, take each one in the same amount of water you would have taken the full dose in.

Posted By: rob Posted: 19/05/2010 19:33:15
This is seriously high in sugar, is that ok or would it be better to try another weight gainer. I do have a hectic lifestyle, and find it difficult to put on weight so calories are really important, but like I said its really high in sugar , is that ok

Posted By: Admin
Well, its high in carbohydrates, which is different to being high in sugar.

In any meal, an appropriate balance of nutrients is important. This is a weight gain designed for people that need a lot of calories so the ratio of carbs to protein is pretty high.

The carbs themselves are split between complex carbs, mid length carb chains and short chain carbs, such as glucose polymers. Short chain carbs are considered to be sugars, eg the carbs found in fruits are sugars.

A balanced diet will contain a fair amount of simple carbohydrates. The important factor for you is to determine if you need such a calorie rich protein drink, of if a product with a higher level of protein per 100g would be more appropriate.

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