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NutriSport Creatine Bombs

Creatine Bombs
Creatine Transporter - Increase strength and muscle, Creatine in a tablet form mixed with dextrose to help deliver more creatine into the muscle, can be eaten at any time of day.

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Creatine bombs are a great way of transporting creatine monohydrate as effectively as possible into muscle cells where it is used to enhance muscle strength, endurance and of course size!

Creatine monohydrate is forever being combined with fast acting high GI carbohydrates such as glucose or dextrose to make creatine as efficient as possible. This is due to the large insulin spike you get when consuming high GI carbohydrates which in effect makes a fast track service for creatine directly to muscle cells.

Nutrisport is a North West UK based company that knows how to design cutting edge supplements, supplements that work in the most effective manner with the highest quality ingredients but keep prices low. This makes them a favourite of hardcore bodybuilders who have comprehensive supplement routines to fuel their growth and development as well as maintain their all ready great physiques.

Creatine Bombs by Nutrisport combines 1g of creatine monohydrate with 1g of dextrose per tablet, making them great for creatine loading phases as well as convenient creatine maintenance periods.

Each tablet tastes great, making you tempted to stay on a creatine loading phase all the way through your creatine supplementation, however for best results take 20 a day for 5 days and then maintain with 5-10 tablets per day thereafter.

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