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Reflex Glucosamine Sulphate

Glucosamine Sulphate
A widely used supplement by people with ligament and tendon injuries. Glucosamine Sulphate contains ingredients required to build and maintain tendons and ligaments.


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Size: Caps 90

Optn: 1000mg



Glucosamine sulphate is one of those supplements even your grandparents could be taking. This widely used supplement is not just for athletes or people who train, glucosamine sulphate has such beneficial properties to joints and ligaments, anyone suffering from joint pain can easily benefit from supplementing with this incredible health supplement.

Reflex nutrition source only the utmost quality sources of ingredients around, so with their version of glucosamine sulphate you can be assured that the purest form has been used.

As glucosamine sulphate acts as a sulphur donor, tendons will benefit as they are heavily manufactured with this mineral, potentially increasing the rate of healing of damaged tendons. By assisting re-building of tendons and ligaments this supplement can be used as a preventative measure for those who train heavily against joint injuries.

This supplement will be incredibly beneficial to anyone involved in modern combat sports or contact sports such as MMA, rugby etc.

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