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Reflex Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a long sought after supplement in the UK. Users experience an upregulation of cellular energy production , a massive boost in anti-oxidants and a reduction in cholesterol.


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Cordyceps is a renowned traditional Chinese medicine which has a vast array of health benefiting properties.

Reflex Cordyceps cs-4 is an exercise enhancing supplement especially aimed for endurance event athletes seeking that extra edge which is not a mainstream supplement.

Despite not a lot of people being aware of cordyceps, it cannot be overlooked as a potent sports supplement. The beneficial characteristics of supplementing with cordyceps includes increased energy production, significant boost in anti-oxidants, lowers LDL (low density lipoproteins (aka bad cholesterol)) levels and may even possess anti-tumour properties.

The strong anti-oxidant properties will help reduce free radicals in the body which can be harmful and deterrent on exercise performance.

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650mg Cordyceps Sinensis mycelia CS-4 hot water extract

Posted By: patrick Posted: 10/05/2010 01:11:55
does this supplement even work and would it help my heart

Posted By: Admin
It does have a very long list of health benefits, some of which include the heart. Research on it is quite extensive and in the main the results are very positive.

It has strong support from the health community for its ability to improve the circulatory system and improve the hearts regularity and strength of beat whilst possibly aiding in lowering blood pressure. It has also been shown to possibly support liver and kidney functionality.

As I say the list of possible benefits are almost endless, and in my experience I have never seen a herb like product with even close to the reported benefits of this

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