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Sci-Mx Omni MX Hardcore

Omni MX Hardcore

Sci-MX Omni MX HardCore was created to be the pinicle of 'All-In-One' supplements delivering not only the protein and calories needed to gain added muscle mass, but 14 active ingredients to support rapid lean mass and strength gains.

Omni MX HardCode brings the best in weight gaining supplements together with an advanced all in one product to deliver a mass gaining system that aids training recovery and increases strength and power.

  • 55g of protein, 72g of carbohydrates and 554 calories per serving.
  • Blended protein for fast and sustained amino acid release.
  • Dual creatine system to aid strength and performance
  • Calcium, Magnessioum and Vitamin B6 to support hormonal system and enhanced muscle function

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Rated 4.29 / 5 with 7 ratings


Omni-MX hardcore by Sci-Mx nutrition is based on the original Omni-MX all in one protein supplement however taken to the extreme! Omni-MX was and still is a great all in one supplement but Omni-MX hardcore is taking all in one supplementation to its maximum potency and pushing nutritional supplementation to its peak.

This massive jump forward in the all in one sports supplement market is achieved by Omni-MX hardcores mind blowing, phenomenal and ruthless ingredient list. Absolutely nothing is left to chance, overlooked or under-dosed, this supplement has every intention to give you more power, strength, muscle endurance, vascularity, muscle size, faster recovery and so forth. The list of benefits Omni-MX hardcore can provide is simply ridiculous, you literally don't need anything more than 2 shakes of this per day and every aspect of supplementation is covered!

Using the advanced GRS-5 protein and aminogen technology sci-mx developed, the protein quality is top notch and made truly effective by ensuring a high BV and digestion is assisted with proteases. No gram of protein is going to get wasted! In addition to amazing quality protein there is a relatively high amount of low GI carbohydrates to provide glycogen replenishment, assist the transport of the creatine and various other compounds added into Omni-MX hardcore and to provide muscle fullness.

What makes Omni-MX hardcore rise above many other all in one formulas is its comprehensive performance enhancing and physique altering stack of ingredients. Creatine, Glutamine, HMB, arginine, BCAA's and beta alanine cover all aspects of training intensity from strength, peak power out to muscle endurance.

In addition to the anabolic and ergogenic compounds there is a great hormonal support system added to Omni-MX hardcore to optimise and elevate natural testosterone levels, meaning fast recover and additional gains in lean body mass and strength. Comprising of ZMA, avena sativa and nettle root extract this potent raw blend of natural test boosters coupled with the rest of Omni-Mx hardcores unparelled ingredient list will leave you in shock and awe with the rapid gains in lean muscle and crazy strength gains.


Nutritional information Per 100g Per 150g Serving (3 heaped scoops)


451mg (% RI*)

677mg (% RI*)

Vitamin B6

1.7mg (119%)

2.5mg (179%)


282mg (35%)

423mg (53%)


162mg (43%)

243mg (65%)


5.6mg (56%)

8.4mg (84%)


19.5µg (49%)

29.3µg (73%)

GRS 9™ Protein System



of which BCAAs



of which glutamine



Cross-Action™ Carbohydrates



Creatacore™ Creatine



L-arginine AKG



Beta alanine









Oats/Avena sativa



Protease complex



Nettle leaf extract/Urtica dioica



Black pepper extract/Piper Nigrum L



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Weight Gainers
All in One Supplements

Add 3 level scoops, around 150g, of powder to a shaker bottle with 450ml of water and shake vigerously until thoughouly mixed. Leave to settle for up to a minute and then drink immediately. If the product is too thick, add a little more water to get the desired thickness.

Omni Mx is an all in one product suitable as a stand alone meal, It should be used between solid food meals as a rich source of protein, calories and essential nutrients.

On training days take one serving prior to training and one serving within 90 minutes of completing training. If used in place of a post workout supplement, take immediately after training, otherwise take about 60-90 minutes after the recovery drink.

On non-training days use as a mid morning and mid afternoon snack 90-120 minutes away from solid food meals.

Cross Action™ Carbohydrate blend (maltodextrin, waxy maize starch [sulphites])

GRS 9™ Protein System (whey protein concentrate [milk]

soy protein isolate

milk protein concentrate

whey protein isolate [milk]

emulsifier [soya lecithin])


Creatacore™ creatine blend (creatine monohydrate, creatine pyruvate)

shortening powder (milk)


emulsifier (gum arabic powder)


L-arginine AKG


HMB (hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate calcium)

thickeners (guar gum, cellulose gum, xanthan gum)


sodium chloride

colour (beetroot red)

anti-caking agent (magnesium oxide)

Oats/Avena sativa

digestive proteases from Bacillus subtillis

nettle leaf extract/Urtica dioica

potassium chloride


sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame potassium)



zinc oxide

black pepper extract/Pipernigrum L

pyridoxine HCl (as vitamin B6)

anti-caking agent(silicon dioxide)

chromium chloride.

Rated By: martyk Rated 5
Taste and mixability is amazing especially as it is a weight gainer!!!!!!!!

Rated By: antonio Rated 3
if u strugle to put weight on like me this is defo beter than any weight gainer.

Rated By: matthew perring Rated 5
totally recomend it ,,the best ive ever used!!!!

Rated By: Ian C Rated 4
Put on 2-stone in two months combining this with Sci-Mx Fenu hormone tabs! Great product! But unfortunately, i ll never buy it again as it gives me an extremely bad stomach. But, worth giving it a go as ur stomach could be fine with it.

Rated By: tommy coombes Rated 5
put on a stone in 1 month, gd stuff

Rated By: ian Rated 3
great for lean gains put on half a stone in a month cutting up well

Rated By: N Louis Rated 5
It is a great supplement.. Tastes really well and no lumps... and best no upset stomach.. wow...

Please give your own feedback and suggestions

Posted By: Ben Posted: 02/05/2010 16:21:29
Hello, i have been using PhD synergy for a number of weeks, and feel it has been quite beneficial to my training and goals, (building serious muscle mass) and was curious to know whether this supplement may be a more suitable choice, or persist with the PhD brand, or any other product Thanks

Posted By: Admin
Ben, it's all to do with overall calories you consume. Your nutrition will fuel heavy weight training, so inevitably you're going to need more calories eventually. An all in one product like synergy and omni are good because they give you variety, but eventually you may want to switch to a weight gainer such as Pharma Gain.

Posted By: Jay Posted: 13/06/2010 15:33:18
Hi ive used Omni-mx in the past, then switched to Lean Grow Extreme to see the difference.... the result is that they basically do what they say on the tin.....
im bulking up now using BCL Super Flex, and ive nearly finished my current tub of Lean Grow Extreme. I posted a question on the Super Flex page regarding my cycle and you gave me a brilliant answer. To recap you, Im gonna run Superflex this month to bulk, then 1month PCT, then run EPI and Super Halo to cut and harden, then another month PCT

my question is, would you reccomend I use Leangrow extreme throughout the whole 4 months, or would it be benefit if I used Omni-mx during the bulking cycle then switched back to Lean Grow

I know its a bit of a naive question but I just want to make sure I get the best results....

oh and another quick one.... why is Omni-mx hardcore so much cheaper per/kg than the standard Omni-mx

cheers guys

Posted By: Admin
Don't worry too much about the protein powder during these periods too much Jay - focus on your overall diet itself - being careful and precise on your overall macronutrient intake of certain foods. I personally am against using P/H's to predominantly lose fat, as the cycles are intended to be anabolic in nature and produce muscle mass as the main results. The more muscle mass, the faster your metabolism, and the easier it is to burn fat dormant. I think this should be your priority during this period.

Also, do not transition from one cycle to the next with only a month PCT. You need to allow your hormones to recuperate effectively otherwise you may exude adverse side effects in the long term not only regarding health but your overall training results themselves. Take at leats 4 months after a powerful PH suh as Super Flex. Remember you're talking about running 4 methylated PH's at reasonable dosages in the space of 3 months overall. I would plan things more long term and be a little more patient with your training and nutrition.

Hope this helps.

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