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Reflex Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is found naturally in the human body and acts as an antioxidant with additional vitamin-like properties. It is very effective within the body as it is both water and fat soluble.

It can assist weight management goals both for increasing lean muscle tissue and assisting in losing body fat.

  • Convenient, easy to take capsule format
  • Each capsule provides 200mg of active ingredient


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Size: Caps 90



Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin ensuring the maximum amount of nutrients is transported into muscle and liver cells.

Reflex Alpha Lipoic Acid is ISO9001 registered so suitable for any athlete and a true testament to reflex's never-ending pursuit of premium quality and supplement perfection.

ALA has two unique benefits to athletes. The first is its powerful anti-oxidant properties and thanks to its ability to dissolve in fats and water, means it is an effective anti-oxidant everywhere in the body.

Secondly its insulin mimicking properties ensures that nutrients are transported as effectively as possible to muscle cells, creating a greater sensation of muscle fullness and assisting glycogen replenishment.

ALA is a great supplement during bulking phases or to be taken before a high carbohydrate meal to maximise the carbohydrate loading effect.

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Take 1 Capsules up to 3 times daily prior high in carbohydrate meals or post training

Alpha Lipoic Acid


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