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BioRhythm Methyl CreaTEST

Methyl CreaTEST
At last, creatine and testosterone crushed into one staggering product. CreaTEST is a combination of Creatine Hydrochloride, for power and strength without need for loading or cycling, with 3 compounds, eurycoma longifolia, methyl DL-DAA and Vanadyl Sulphate, to support testosterone, drive and vascularity.


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Size: Caps 90

Optn: Fruit


BioRhythm CreaTest has arrived and will surely dominate its class for years to come. For years those in the know have combined creatine with natural testosterone boosters in order to ensure that elevated training is met with the right hormonal environment to maximise fat loss, recover, and build hard, lean muscle.

Similarly, those using test boosters have used creatine to ensure that when they elevate the muscle building hormones, they also elevate their training strength and endurance to stimulate as much muscle growth as possible.

Well CreaTest is an advanced Creatine supplement and Testosterone boosting supplement all crushed into one amazing product delivering increased performance, increased lean mass and increased power.

It achieves this using Creatine Hydrochloride, a creatine compound which requires no loading, no cycling and does not cause bloating or water retention. It combines this with Longifolia extracted to an equivalent of 20,000mg and the highest OTC dose of DL-D-Aspartic Acid available in any product to deliver a huge surge in free testosterone, a surge in libido and a great feeling of well being.

Finally it includes 100mg of Vanadyl Sulphate to enhance workouts and deliver a huge vascular pump.

At last these two forces of the supplement universe are brought together for a synergistic surge in progress.

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Take 3 capsules twice a day on an empty stomach.

For best results take one serving first thing in the morning and the second serving before going to bed.

Creatine Hydrochloride

Methyl-EAA (N-Methyl-DL-Aspartic Acid)

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Vanadyl Sulphate

Eurycomanone (From Eurycoma Longofolia Root)

Rated By: Rob Rated 5
Stacking this with Big Blue. The pump is ridiculous, as is the immediate effect on strength. Plan to add Kre Alkalyn to the mix and maybe reduce the O2 positive to 1.5 scoops and use 1 scoop Arnge Crush as an addition. Will update progress!

Rated By: Rob Turner Rated 5
Used Superpump 250 which defo has more kick. but this just goes on and on working and no upset stomach. The pump is better than anything ive ever used and my workouts have been improving week in week out. You guys said that you dont get acustomed to this, so I can us it long term. If next months training goes as well, you can book me in for a years supply now

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