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BioRhythm Blue Cycle

Blue Cycle
BlueCycle is a top of the range nitric oxide, vascularity and performance based supplement that requires no loading, can be used for long periods of time without falling benefit and gives hugely noticeable results, both while training and in muscle growth out of the gym.


Rated 3.5 / 5 with 8 ratings

Size: Caps 120


BioRhythm Blue Cycle is a Nitric Oxide (NO) supplement, which are considered by many as a 'must have' supplement. On the face of it, NO supplements increase stamina, increase strength and cause huge pumps and vascularity whilst you are training. All great benefits for productive workouts.

However, their benefits go well beyond your workout. The increase in strength and overall workload you achieve during a workout stimulates greater muscular development and increased fat loss. Its also been shown that prolonged use of Nitric Oxide supplements will increase vascularity even when your out of the gym, giving a drier, leaner look to your physique, as well as supporting greater performance in the gym, better waste product removal during exercise, and enhanced nutritional delivery for recovery and growth.

Blue Cycle is a premium NO supplement, which helps achieve all these benefits without the need for stimulants. A true breakthrough for performance and result orientated athletes.

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As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules in the morning with water and take 3 capsules 30 minutes prior to physical activity when strength and muscle endurance is required.

On none training days take 3 capsules in the morning, and optionally take a further 3 capsules prior to bed.

Citrulline Malate (2:1)

Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn)

L-Ornithine L-Aspartate (L-Aspartic Acid)

Extended NO2 Regulator (Hydroxypropal Methylcellulose, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Histidine)

Rated By: David Parker Rated 5

Blue Cycle is spot on what I wanted, used it for 2 weeks already, will buy again for sure

Rated By: Andy C Rated 2
First time I took Big Blue I felt my face tingle and had extra energy in the gym, however that is the only time I have felt anything from taking this. I have even doubled the dosage and still nothing. Biorhythm have some amazing products, im just not too impressed with this one. Stick to Nox Pump or something else that you know will work.

Rated By: Daz Jones Rated 4

f you want a stimulant this isnt for you. If you want to buzz, again its not for you.

If you want to push a set further and further every workout week after week then I rate this as one of the best ive used

Rated By: Mike Davis Rated 3

Ok but lacks a bang. Will use again but will most likly alternate with a preworkout with a bit of a kick

Rated By: Andy Rated 3
Not too bad. First couple of times I used it I could feel an extra buzz in the gym however this quickly wore off and I had to up the dose. As mentioned before, this could be good if your of a smaller stature but for bigger guys I woudl stick with a drinkable NO pre workout supp.

Rated By: jay Rated 3
i used this for about 2 months the first week or so didnt feel any different, after 2 weeks on it i could train every day like a beast my muscle endurance was out of this world. The pumps were normal nothing like super pump. For muscle endurance 10/10 for pumps 5/10. the last month i used it with androbolix the best stack ever.

Rated By: keithH Rated 4
The temptation is to compare this to a proper NO supplement like NO-Explode however this is different. No stimulants so you don t begin training with that Buzz feeling but it does produce an enhanced pump and i felt a definite increase in strength. Too many NO sports supplements rely on caffeine and other stimulants wheras with this you rely on your own motivation a lot more and then through warm up and training you feel the added strength and endurance benefits. If you need a buzz effect to start then try Red Bull first

Rated By: Toney Rated 4
I ve been using this product for two months. The first day I tried it I had incredable energy and didnt get that tired while working out. I doubled my workout routine as a matter of fact. I havent tried using any other supplements yet but I can honestly say that this product and watching my diet has really helped me out in the last two months. Awesome right before you have sex too. lol

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Posted By: Stew Posted: 08/07/2010 20:14:12
I was wondering when you are surposed to take these as on the bottle is states to take one serving twice daily, for best results, use 30 mins before workouts...... does that mean i have to take them even on none training days would one serving before a workout be enough or do i need to take twice daily and if so when would the other time be i would also like to stack this with krealkalyn from biorthym, would it be ok to have 2 tablets with the big blue before the workout and 2 after the work out thanks for your time.... Love the web site by the way!!!

Posted By: Admin

Don't worry about taking a beta-alanine / l-histidine based product on non-training days. They're most effective pre-workout only, especially with arginine in the formula as well.

Stacking with a creatine product like kre-alkalyn can work synergistically to good effect. Glad you like the website!

Posted By: fabrice Posted: 29/04/2010 18:59:15
i like to use creatine before workout. wich one would you recomand me and why i m hesitating between the big blue and the kre-alkalyn. wich one is the most powerfull and has the best results

Posted By: Admin
Big blue is predominantley a beta-alanine / l-histidine based product, not a creatine. If you want a creatine product, kre-alkalyn by Biorhythm would be a b etter choice.

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