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Reflex Thermo Fusion

Thermo Fusion

Reflex Thermo Fusion is a carefully formulated fat loss supplement with proven effective level dosages of each of the active ingredients.

Unlike a lot of the purely thermogenic diet tablets, Thermo Fusion is designed to not only stimulate the metabolism but also to stabilise insulin to reduce blood sugar crashes (followed by binge eating) mobilise stored body fat and use it for energy, and also to dampen hunger pangs and elevate mood.

Reflex Thermo-Fusion is a very comprehensive fat burner, manufactured in the Reflex science park, and contains no dangerous or banned substances. The goal in developing this supplement was to create a weight management tool to complement an exercise and diet program which would outperform any other fat burner out there.


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A safe thermogenic fat burner with over 10 years of research and development invested in it. Thermo Fusion by reflex nutrition combines only the top-most effective fat burning compounds at ratios and dosages designed to maximise fat loss and curb cravings.

Thermo fusion by reflex is a combination of appetite suppressants with safe stimulants to create a highly successful and intelligent approach to fat loss. Only reflex would invest so much time into their supplements to confirm that only the most potent compounds and ingredients are used in regards to effective fat loss.

Thermo fusion makes dieting and weight loss considerably easier. All of the ingredients are present in other weight loss formulas; however Thermo fusion is the only fat burner that combines all of the best fat loss and dietary aid components together to create a fat burner that is effective but also safe with no sensations of jitteriness.

Managing blood sugar levels, efficient nutrient transportation, elevated norepinephrine (fat burning hormone) levels, appetite suppressing and natural metabolism increaser, there’s not a lot else thermo fusion can do to become more comprehensive. A complete look at fat loss makes thermo fusion the choice of fat burner to many people including professional athletes!

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Start by taking 2 capsules half an hour before meals (preferably only breakfast and lunch for the first 2 days to assess tolerance). Then take up to a maximum of 4 capsules before each meal. On training days take up to 4 capsules half an hour before exercise.



L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

Green Tea Extract (95% Polyphenols)

L-Choline Bitartrate

Cayenne Pepper Extract (0.5% Capsaicin)

Alpha Lipoic Acid


Piperine (Bioperine®) Chromium Picolinate.

Posted By: Ju Posted: 27/06/2010 20:29:57
I am unsure whether to use fat burners due to being worried about side affects..i do alot of resistance training but would like to loose nearly a stone of fat in 2 months..would this do it also im not diabetic however i do get low blood sugar symptoms alot due to fast metabolism..will thermo fusion make this worse thanks

Posted By: Admin
Thermo fusion does enhance the metabolic rate as it's a thermogenic, but low blood sugar levels are more dependant on your overall nutrition. Make sure you don't neglect insulin as it's an anabolic compound, so keep quite a few high G.I carbs in your post workout meal / shake and you should be fine.

I wouldn't set 14lbs of fat in two months as an idealistic goal. Focus on prolonged fat loss by gradually reducing the calories whilst trying to retain muscle mass by increasing your weights. This will be more effective long term.

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