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BioRhythm Regenerate Clear

Regenerate Clear
BioRhythm ReGenerate promotes natural Growth Hormone (GH) levels, improves restful sleep and helps invigorate energy levels. The overall purpose of ReGenerate is to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle, making you feel younger, more vital, with elevated sex drive and recovery. It makes it ideal for hard training athletes, or for people who are raising their exercise levels for short periods to achieve a goal.


Rated 3.2 / 5 with 5 ratings

Size: Caps 120


Regenerate is a unique sports supplement that can be used either standalone, or more commonly as an adjunct to other supplements to modulate hormone levels.

One of the many effective ingredients in BioRhythm ADS Regenerate is L-Dopa which has several properties; it enhances and increases deep sleep, it helps elevate growth hormone levels, and it acts as a mood enhancer. Aside from the obvious benefits of increased growth hormone, this helps during times of stress, aids recovery, and helps during periods of lethargy and loss of focus.

In addition, Regenerate contains a mixture of herbs and minerals to help elevate testosterone levels naturally. Again this can help during times of stress, when training levels are intense, or after using cycles of PH's or AAS.

To round off its hormonal modifing actions, the formula contains ingredients to help reduce estrogen levels. This is beneficial in modern lifestyles where alcohol is consumed, work stress levels are high, or again PH or AAS cycles may have driven estrogen levels upwards.

Ideal for people who are peaking training levels, on severe diets, are under unusual levels of stress or are entering or completing a PH or AAS cycle.

For best results, take 4 capsules each night before bed with a glass of water.

Ideally Regenerate should be taken on an empty stomach with no food taken after it.

Regenerate is most effective when cycled. Generally take for around 4 weeks, with a similar time off the product to maintain its long term effectiveness.

Mucuna Pruriens (standardized to 40% L-Dopa)

Safed Musli (root standardised at 50% Saponin)

Y-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

Puncture Vine (Aerial Parts 1%)

Cissus Quadrangularis (aerial Parts 20% Ketosterones)

Rated By: wildone1760 Rated 3
I have been on this for 6 months has anyone else developed rash itchy ness started on head then lower legs to side of ribs stoped when I took a break of ReGenerate I do sleep better & have intenese dreams

Rated By: Warriorsin Rated 2
I did get a rash and this is my first time using it. I have not seen any gains but with a sleep problem this product has helped. I am not seeing any improvements other than a better night rest and now more tired when i don t take it.

Rated By: james Rated 3
took my first serving of this last night. Normally i wake up feeling sort of groggy but this morning i felt fresher and clearer, sort of more rested. I had usual amount of sleep. It does help if your sleep isn t always the best.

Rated By: Mike P Rated 5

The total de-stress supplement. Ive used it during long term use of jack3d, and ive also used it after PH cycles. Works just as well in both cases.

When your on it, you feel really good, really positive, but for me the best thing is it makes it possible for me to get to sleep even when my head is buzzing

Rated By: vindiesel Rated 3
I was introduced to Regenerate about 5 days ago..I do sleep better and it appears lean muscle is being gained rapidly..Losing some fat and body is taking good form..My strenghth is improving quickly..I can do more reps and more weight. That maybe due to my prework out basement mixture....LOL The guns are growing and thats my goal....

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Posted By: pat Posted: 30/04/2011 17:32:13
im 16 do you think i should take this

Posted By: Admin
You could take it; but your money would be better spent on a solid weight gainer / protein and creatine monohydrate Pat. Check out Critical Mass and Reflex creapure.

Posted By: Nan Posted: 19/07/2010 17:10:00
how would this supplement compare to the animal pm product by universal its a night time supplement as well, many thanks

Posted By: Admin
Alls we can comment on is this, which is fantastic in its ingredients and growth hormone illicting properties. It will also massively help with training, recovery and recuperation.

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