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BioRhythm AdrenaLean LDS

AdrenaLean LDS
AdrenaLean LDS contains powerful thermogenic agents found in many of the strongest fat burning diet pills on the market. However, taking this to a whole new level is the pH corrected delivery system which ensures minimum stomach damage to the ingredients providing an almost 100% absorption rate. This is further enhanced with sodium isotonic balancing agents to ensure its in perfect alignment with blood and cell sodium levels.


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Size: Caps 60


AdrenaLean LDS is a fat burner based around stimulant compounds. Originally designed as a capsule, and on a par with the strongest products on the market, we wanted to rake it beyond the competition. However, already dosed to a maximum, we looked at other avenues to help us go beyond just being a diet pill.

Our research took us to the science of pH adjusted enhanced absorption. AdrenaLean is the first, and currently the only, thermogenic fat burner using pH corrected technologies to ensure a near 100% absorption of the active ingredients. We then took this one step further by introducing a sodium correct isotonic preparation, meaning the supplement will be at a perfect sodium balance with tghe blood stream and your body cells.

When an AdrenaLean capsule is taken with a 4 to 6 oz. of water, the liquid in the stomach is quickly neutralized and isotonic. This makes it ready for absorption in minutes, drastically reducing loss due to stomach acids. The result is feeling the full effects of active ingredients that can be found in 90% of typical fat burners. Superior absorption cuts a serving size down to one capsule. The effects felt are lightning fast energy boost and excellent appetite suppression.

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BioRhythm ADS

The powerful appetite suppressant properties of AdrenaLean make it a perfect fit as a mid-meal or pre-meal supplement.

As a mid-meal supplement, AdrenaLean will help curb cravings and take the mind off food, sweets or snacks. Often, this time period is mid morning or mid day. One pill at either of those times will help you make it to lunch or dinner without breaking down.

Additionally, the fast acting energy of AdrenaLean will power you through those sluggish times of the day.

As an energy supplement, AdrenaLean is second to none. One capsule will provide the stimulatory power of most of our competitors two or three capsules, liquid capsules and even soft gels.

Rated By: ana Rated 5
Gave energy, appetite suppressed lost weigh with exercise and smart dieting, recommend it! No side effects at all!!

Rated By: Sunny Rated 3
Got a sample of these, 6 tabs in all, took 2 on the first day, 1 at 6am (pre workout) the other at midday. no real lift or mental boost from it, but seems to have killed my appetite.. personally i was hoping for more of a lift from it, to help the early morning workouts.

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Posted By: alan Posted: 12/05/2010 20:53:30
hi my girlfriend has just started taking inferno 2 would it be a good idea to stack adrenalean with it or just wait till the inerno is finished and then try the adrenalean , if you could let me know that would be great

Posted By: Admin
Inferno desnt need to be stacked. If you want to stack thermogenic and none thermogenic then look at the full range of BioRhythm fat durners.

The Adrenalean stacks really well with the Synthrolean.

Your girlfriend should get great results though from the Inferno, its one of our best selling fat loss aids and has been for several years. Its a thermogenic stimulant and appetite supressor all in one

Posted By: russ Posted: 23/05/2010 11:55:35
Biorhythm AdrenaLean
hi, im looking for something to take on a regular basis for rapid fat loss. im not really bothered about side effects im quite tolerent. im just looking for the strongest and most rapid fat loss and muscle toner supplement as im trying to lose about a stone (mostly from stomach) yet tone up and keep muscle mass at the same time. what do you reccomend im currently comsuming large amounts of protien aswell to help. thanks.

Posted By: Admin
Combine the Adrenalean with Androbolix. This not only maximises fat loss, it reduces further fat storage and increases lean muscle mass.

Aim for 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight and 0.4g of fat per pound of bodyweight.

Eat 5 small meals per day and focus on cereals and grains with fruit at breakfast and the second meal to contain starchy carbs, like bread, pasta, pototo, with the rest of the meals focused on fiberous veg. All these with protein, of course.

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