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BioRhythm AfterGlow


BioRhythm AfterGlow is the apex of post-workout recovery supplements providing a range of functions that makes it a must have supplement in every trainers cupboard.

AfterGlow comtains a high level of perfectly measured BCAA's to protect muscle against post training catabolic activity along with a superior blend of fast acting carbohydrates to dapen catabolism and initiate anabolic activity. The ultra refined whey protein provides for an extremely fast release to provide building and repair materials to the muscle within minutes of drinking.

With a staggering array of additional ingredients, BioRhythm AfterGlow lays claim to being '10 supplements in 1' and not forgetting its unmistakable and exclusive flavouring system.

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Wondering what the worlds number #1 post workout recovery supplement  would look like? Then wonder no more because BioRhythm AfterGlow is exactly what you've been looking for. The most important supplement you'll ever use.

AfterGlow uses a unique blend of macro nutrients shown by four independent studies to be optimal for glycogen replenishment and muscle recovery. BioRhythms addition of amino acids are included to replace those most depleted by hard training, plus cortisol suppressants to counter the muscle damage caused after the termination of exercise.

Claiming to be ten supplements in one, Afterglow has an extensive ingredient profile helping to; reduce post exercise fatigue, improve protein utilisation, enhance cellular repair, refuel muscle, replenish liver glycogen, reduce inflammation, combat exercise induced free radicals, improve hydration, reduce muscle cramps, replace exercise depleted vitamins and minerals, and replace depleted cellular ATP levels. Not surprising then that this is BioRhythms most high profile sports supplement.

Epitomising BioRhythms ethos of more progress, faster, AfterGlow delivers on every level creating an environment for complete muscle recovery in record time, leading to lean muscle gains, reduction in body fat, increased strength and surging enery levels.

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Post-Workout Recovery Supplements

Take 2 scoops immediately after a workout in 500-700ml of water. This level of water is required to provide rapid stomach emptying, a must to kick start rapid recovery.

Do not take a bigger dose, more is not better, and may even reduce the effectiveness. Too much will slow stomach empting and delay nutrients being available for recovery and repair.

Do not eat for 30 minutes after taking AfterGlow to allow stomach emptying. At this point you should eat a solid food meal containing adequate carbohydrates and protein to support a longer and sustained release of nutrients into the body. Even during periods of dieting, or low carbohydrate intake, it is advisable to take some level of carbohydrates in this meal.


BCAA AKG (L-Leucine AKG, L-Valine AKG, L-Isoleucine AKG)



Cissus Quadrangularis


Pomegranate Powder


Grape Seed Extract

Rated By: tom Rated 5
dont be put off by the price this is this best you can get and 53 quid you get 32 servings so its not all that expensive.this has repalced pro recover for me and it tastes great and you can eat a meal when you get home from the gym cos its like drinking a fruit drink really light on the stomach. buy it!

Rated By: Adam Rated 5

If you dont believe in supplements, then make an exception for Afterglow

Ive never used anything that made me feel so completely recovered so fast. The ingredient list is massive.

Oh yes, and if you havent heard, it tastes unreal

Rated By: Paul B (Wigan) Rated 5

First timer using afterglow usually use cNp or boditronics recovery supplements. I m 2 weeks into it and I can feel the difference. I train 6 days a week split between weights and rugby and my recovery rate has shot through the roof. Can t speak highly enough of this, and the water Mellon flavour is totally fantastic

Rated By: Kimbo Rated 5
I add a high protein plain powder to 2 scoops of the Afterglow and never wake with any sort of aches at all. I ve tried the Cherry Bomb (nice) and Bazooka Fruit (amazing). Would recommend to anyone but it is expensive.

Rated By: polish warrior Rated 3
only thing i can say its simply the best product ive used and will use for the rest of my life as its perfect for its purpose the rest is up to you to try it and see

Rated By: Deano Rated 5
All the good things that everyone has said about this product is all 100 true. it really does do exactly what it claims it will do. Is it worth the money hell yes .

Rated By: Simon Rated 5
Awesome, best product on the market, I always feel like i m fully recovered within 20 mins of drinking this stuff... Amazing

Rated By: chris m Rated 5
loved it! watermelon tastes great! look forward to this after a workout! have seen good results.

Rated By: Brian Rated 5
This stuff is absolutely amazing. Recovery is very, very quick. Training the next day is easy and i cant wait to hit the gym. As an added bonus it tastes superb and is light and easy to drink. Cornerstone of any supplement regime.

Rated By: Chan-D Rated 5
Fantastic supplement...fruit and watermelon flav taste amazing!got the vital stuff init for the perfect post workout drink!!!

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Posted By: Jon Posted: 07/06/2011 14:47:46
i m interested in finding out a bit more about this one, and have always had great advice from you guys.

i m currently mixing my own post training recovery drinks, made up of:

Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Whey Protein, l-Glutamine, HMB, Tyrosin, BCAA, creatine.

obviosuly it s a bit easier to get a pre mixed tub. and i m getting good recovery using this mix. i wondered if you could tell me if after glow will do anything above what i m already using

thanks in advance

Posted By: Admin
After Glow does contain a huge array of quality ingredients similar to above with what you already have. The additional ingredients that should make a noticable difference include Cissus and phosphatidylserine - an elite cortisol supplement.

Posted By: Rossi Posted: 15/10/2011 13:15:37
Hi im in a bit of a pickle because based on my differences in activity i dont know which post workout shake is best for me. I currently strength train 5 days a week but also play football twice a week and spar once a week. I weigh 76kg and i am well known for my speed and athletic ability but my main priority is strength and i lift 260kg deadlift, 150kg bench and 70kg pull ups .. Iv been using reflex growth matrix now for months but im just up and down on weight .. would really apriciate any suggestions.

Posted By: Admin
After Glow is without doubt the best post-workout on the market from our perspective. You will love it.

As for your weight going up and down, dependant on your goals, monitor calories more closely.

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