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Reflex CLA

Reflex s CLA contains a precise, proven scientific dosage to assist in weight loss & lean body mass recomposition and also potentially help promote insulin resistance when dieting. An excellent addition to any dieter s arsenal.


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CLA is a fatty acid responsible for making your body utilise fatty acids and triglycerides for energy substrates more so then they would usually be.

Reflex CLA is unlike other CLA supplements thanks to its scientifically researched precise dose of CLA. A meta-analysis done back in 2007 showered that 3.2g of CLA supplementation will result in a weekly loss of 90g of fat. This makes CLA an essential supplement to enhance dieting, by preserving muscle tissue and accelerating fat loss.

Usually overlooked by more powerful and fast acting thermogenic fat burners, CLA won't claim to cause rapid weight loss immediately, but if your goal is long term weight loss and let’s face it, who wants to diet and exercise just to put the weight back on? CLA will provide beneficial properties for long term fat loss and help maintain your lean physique all year long.

A great option for those who don't want to go down the route of strong stimulant based fat burners and the sensible choice for those who want to not only lose bodyfat but permanently keep it off with prolonged supplementation.

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