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NutraPharm SD Complete

SD Complete

SD Complete is a supremely potent prohormone supplement developed to assist the user to massively increase muscle size, body weight, and overall strength faster than any other product that has ever existed! Most users will add 7-20lbs in a single cycle and increase strength 10-20%.

NutraPharm SD-Complete is a highly aromatising compound which results in significant mass gains in cycles as short as 14 days. This property means that it is grouped with other PH's as a 'watery mass gainer' so suits the person looking for a cycle that gives all out weight gain rather than lean, hard and cut type cycles.

As with all PH's, SD-Complete is designed for adult males in good health and who are already experienced with this type of supplement.


Rated 4.3 / 5 with 76 ratings

Size: Caps 60


SD Complete "muscle and strength-building" effects have been heavily researched, and results confirm a huge surge in testosterone levels to that equivalent of most banned steroids, our pharmaceutical grade product elevates testosterone to what is regarded the optimum level for muscle development, which also leads to an increase in lean mass, muscle growth and muscle strength, keeping it high on the list of supplements most used by bodybuilders.

Getting the best from SD Complete

Prohormones are a group of compounds that are one 'metabolic step' away from being an actual hormone. Typically these products once taken are processed by the liver and converted into an active hormone. SD-Complete is such a PH and is therefore not suitable for many athletes, such as those in tested events.

To ensure the most successful gains from SD-Complete, we suggest that careful pre cycle planning takes place, First be sure this is the right product for you. Next ensure you have suitable support supplements to hand, we feel milk thistle and anti-esto as a minimum for during the cycle, and a good PCT for after the cycle such as Androbolix 300XL and this, again, with milk thistle.

SD-Complete should be used at a time when your training is reaching near maximum strength levels, and when you will be able to eat well and avoid alcohol for the length of your cycle (typically 2 weeks) and an equal time period for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). At the end of the cycle, you also need to follow certain protocols to maximise the gains kept.

For those wondering where NutraPharm SD-Complete originated from, it is a succession of products from the creator of TrenBomb and a raft of other leading PH products which have dominated the UK supplement market.

How to Train on SD Complete

Many people ask how to train when using SD-Complete, and its a good question with lots of different advice floating around on the internet. The first thing to remember is that your strength is going to rise, and rise dramatically, and this will become noticeable after about 3-4 days of use, and continue to increase for at least 7 days after stopping your cycle.

Generally, its a good idea to be nearing your normal maximum strength levels when starting on SD Complete, but maximum in the optimum hypertrophy training limits of around 6-12 reps, not single rep max range.

Typically, people find that whilst strength levels increases, overall feelings of lethargy also increase. This leads to a practicable training protocol of using a slightly lower (but certainly not higher) training volume to avoid increasing feelings of lethargy, but to drive the level of weight used up at each workout.

As with any training, when focusing on strength, its imperative to concentrate on key movements such as some form of squat, deadlifts, bench press and shoulder press. So prior to starting your SD Complete cycle, its a good idea to be pushing this as the core of your training.

During your cycle, train body parts every 4 to 7 days, and ensure you add a little weight to the bar on every exercise at every workout. Continue to do this for as long as possible after the end of your cycle as possible to continue to make gains and mitigate the risk of losing gains while your hormonal system re-normalises during PCT.

Nutrition Plan During Your Cycle

When using a PH such as SD Complete, your body will increase the level of protein utilisation as well as slowing down the rate of protein loss. To really maximise the benefits of supplementing with a PH it is important to increase protein consumption. Generally speaking for the 2 weeks of the cycle and for 1 week after, take an additional 100g per day of protein.

Always bear in mind that a PH is a signalling chemical. It tells your body to react in a certain way. It does not, on its own, increase muscle size. The signal in this case is to tell your body to make more muscle tissue out of protein, so ensure you have adequate supplies.

Next, SD Complete will increase your metabolic rate. To ensure you are sparring the protein for building muscle, take on additional calories. Typically we'd suggest an additional 1,000 calories per day to cover all bases.

Finally, take on a little more 'healthy' oils from olive oil, flax oil, fish oils or nuts. These biologically active oils are both instalment in creating new cells, but also are the building blocks of hormones (hormones, such as testosterone) are built from essential fatty acids.

Planning Your PCT

Before starting supplementing with SD Complete, make sure you have already bought in the products you will need for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). This prevents the risk of not being able to find them when the time comes, not having the money, or discovering you react poorly to SD Complete and need to begin PCT sooner than anticipated.

First off, here's a few things to consider taking from the moment you start SD Complete. Milk Thistle, Garlic and Hawthorn Berry. These have reported health benefits in terms of the liver, blood lipid levels and blood pressure. Milk Thistle in particular should be considered a must.

During the use of SD Complete, it is recommended you use Anti-Esto (by NutraPharm) as an estrogen damper

On completing your SD Complete cycle, you should continue using Anti-Esto at 2 caps/day for 2 weeks then 1 cap/day for a further week. You should also use a good natural testosterone booster for 4 weeks following immediately after stopping SD Complete.

Our recommendation would be Biorhythms Androbolix 300XL, or a supplement containing tribulus and D-Aspartic Acid. As well as their potential to raise natural testosterone levels, these also have a mood elevation and counter feelings of lethargy SD Complete may leave you post cycle.

Future PH Cycles

Resist the temptation. You made great gains with a 2 week cycle of SD-Complete, so why not go just 1 more week, or maybe even 2...

Remember that NutraPharm SD Complete is a Prohormone with strong aromatisation properties, consequently its potential for shutdown can be quite significant and its propensity to elevate estrogen can be massive. The longer the 'on' cycle the more significant and long lasting these effects can be, even with a good PCT (post cycle therapy) protocol.

Experience of users over the years has shown that for most people, a 2 week cycle followed by good PCT for 2-4 weeks will return your system back to its normal position, As a result, you should plan on taking at least 4 weeks 'off' cycle before trying a further 2 week 'on' cycle. Similarly, feedback indicates that diminishing returns set in on the third cycle, so 2-3 such cycles is a working limit after which you are looking for a 6 month or longer break before trying other PH's.

After doing repeat cycles of SD Complete, the final period of PCT should be extended for 4-6 weeks.

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SD-Matrix Stacks

When using SD Complete for the first time it is important to gauge your tolerance and reaction. Your first cycle should be no longer than 2 weeks and take 1 capsule per day. Take a liver support supplement at a high dose, avoid alcohol. Only take if you are an adult male in good health and not taking any form of medication. If any negative effects occur stop use immediately, continue the liver support and commence PCT.

On subsequent cycles, a typical usage might be:

Days 1-14
SD Complete 1 cap in morning and 1 cap in evening
Anti-Estro at 1 cap twice per day
Daily maximum dose of liver support supplement such as milk thistle.

Days 15-28
Esto Supress 1 cap in morning and 1 cap in evening
Androbolix 300L 2 caps in morning and 2 caps in evening

Days 29-42
Androbolix 2 caps in morning and 2 caps in evening


2a-7a-dimethyl-4-androstadiene-3-one-17b-0l (10mg)

brown rice


magnesium state



Rated By: elliot andrews Rated 5
trainning 4 years tried just about every think out there been on this 2weeks not expecting to much so early but ive gone fom 190 to 198 pounds already im a hard gainer . my strenghts gone through the roof i deffo recomened this so far no side affects now 2weeks of pct the back on matrix i will keep you updated how the cycle goes but tis stuff is a must follow it correctly you wont be dissapointed

Rated By: rex Rated 5
Iv been training hard for 4 months and havent been to happy with results. I started Sd matrix 1 month ago and now all i see is a diffrence. I feel i have put on a lot of mass, the only down fall is when your not training you will get very tired as this is the side effects i am haveing!!

Rated By: Naveed Rated 3

Been using for a week and only gained just under 2kgs. Was expecting a lot more based on everyones reviews and what I was told by the salesman.

ive used lots of PHs before so I know it takes a while to build up in the system but if im going to gain 4-5kgs in 2 weeks think its asking a lot of week 2

Rated By: will Rated 3
been on them now 7 days, first 3 days noticed increased energy and a really good well being feeling, possibly psychological just knowing that im taking something may be, strangth dfinatley went up in the gym first few days and could really feel that i had an eaxra drive to push harder through sets. but day 5/6/7 seemed to wear off a bit and feeling quite tired, could be the stuffs now fully in my system and doing its job i dont know, weighd myself yesterday and id but on 5 lbs and that was only 6 days into the cycle and my chest and upper body have deffinatley bulked up slightly, so iv got another week to go and ill do another post saying how i got on, got androbolix and esto suppress ready for pct

Rated By: PC Rated 3
I havnt taken these yet but took methyl test 1 a couple of years ago. Do you really need to take a whole cycle and use the other stuff mentioned. Always took milk thistle but dont kn ow anything about the estro reduce etc any advice

Rated By: GC Rated 4
brilliant stuff for strength and mass but the tiredness it causes can counteract this as you end up too tired to even workout properly!!

Rated By: james Rated 5
i weigh 13.8st, havnt dieted to put weight on but just high protein, am now able to bench 125kg 3reps, have gone from 95kg in 4wks. Also able to deadlift 120kg and squat 120kg, only sides are spots on shoulders in last 2wks on 4wk cycle and can get a bit snappy. Havent notcied much affect when mixed with alcohol though

Rated By: Ben Rated 5
tried tren bombs last year to put muscle and size on for my BB show , did the trick put 11 pounds on . . looking forward to trying sd matrix got my whole cycle sorted , will update in two weeks hope its as good as tren bomb

Rated By: |D.Taylor Rated 5

Used SD matrix with milk thistle and critical mass for 4 weeks straight - used it twice before for 2 weeks so knew what I was doing - and made some serious gains

Rated By: Chris Rated 5
I have ran PH from the first Animal Stack to the Tren Bomb and all the others in the middle. I will say SD Matrix is by far the best! I use a SERM and maintain liver support. I would suggest if you try the cycle, be active and stay away from the alcohol this stuff is potent!

Please give your own feedback and suggestions

Posted By: bill Posted: 06/10/2010 16:46:00
Hi guys firstly is this basically tren bomb if sowhy the name change secondly is it best i cycle this 2 weeks at a time thanks

Posted By: Admin
new name and label for marketing reasons and yes stick with 2 weeks at a time.

Posted By: Jonny Posted: 17/09/2011 20:31:06
Hi ,
Im currently on my secont cyle of sd matrix .And found that after the last time i stopped taking i had Rapid wieght loss . Back to the size that i was before hand and yet i was still training the same but with a little bit more CV work . My cycle first time was 2 x SD a day + 2 x Milk thistle with protien shake .
Im on my second cycle now three days in at taking 2x milk thislte with 3x milk thistle ( as i had kidney pains previous) but i have also brought from you the estro suppressents at which point should i put them into my cycle

Posted By: Admin
Use the esto-suppress as part of your PCT. The reason you've lost your gains was probably due to not utilising compounds to restore your natural testosterone levels, which were likely shot. You need to include some Test Factor and DAA alongside the esto-suppress. The Testosterone Powerhouse stack we have would help you retain muscle. Also, drop any CV work post-cycle.

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