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NutriSport Weight Gain

Weight Gain
Great weight gainer designed to massively increase dense muscle mass as fast as possible. High quality protein and carb mixture to aid recovery and boost muscle size.


Rated 4 / 5 with 8 ratings


Gaining weight is an easy process, it simply requires overeating, in times of stress or indulgence e.g. holidays you may enjoy excess calorie consumption and as a result you gain weight. However if you want to gain lbs of muscle mass and not bodyfat you have to train hard and eat the right foods in excess to gain good quality muscle.

This weight gain shake by nutrisport provides your body with the perfect blend of muscle building high quality nutritional meaning all you have to do is train like an animal in the gym to promote muscle growth.

Helping to build lean muscle mass and strength, weight gain by nutrisport uses a near 1.5:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein to promote the leanest of muscle gains. Consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrates can cause water retention and the accumulation of bodyfat, so by taking in a reasonably high calorie nutrient dense shake more often throughout the day you will maximising lean mass gains as oppose to overall weight gain.

To complete weight gain's formula additional BCAA's and creatine has been used boosting your strength and recovery making this one of the cheapest most cost effective and highest quality lean muscle builders around!

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Rated By: Ronnie Laithwaite Rated 5
I use nothing but nutrisport. The cost is unbelievably cheap for the quality of the ingredients. Packaging is a bit cheap looking and the taste is less than perfect but not as bad as some would have you think. All in all its just what supplements should be about

Rated By: lee Rated 4
this product is poor in taste but, has the branched amino acids (brocken down protein)which will give u the muscle mass as it is easily digested.and 1 serving is like having a chicken breast 35g protein. plus creatine. i mean most expensive products dont have the aminos in. so great value 4 money 4 the people who havent got time to cook all day.

Rated By: Cal Rated 2
Never, ever, ever, ever, ever buy this heap of crap! may work slightly, but tastes god awful!

Rated By: ciaran Rated 4
this stuff its like puke! ive tasted a lot of supplements but this is the worst! but the label says its good, i dont know the price (given to me from a friend) and hopefully it will work, :D

will report back in a few days to say

Rated By: Jamie Rated 5
Love this product, Vanilla flavour is amaaaaazing!!! Nutrisport are a great brand effective sports supplements and value for your money, what more could you want )

Rated By: Shabs Rated 3
Did gain weight, made my triceps and biceps bigger with proper training, but it does have loads of sugars and loads of sugars make you fat. so if you re going to take this make sure you do loads of cardio.

Rated By: JJ Rated 5
doesn t taste brilliant but it does the job if not more. supplements arent supposed to taste amazing though. fantastic value for money and thats all that matters to me. in my opinion, best gainer on market!

Rated By: Marty Rated 4
I have been using this for 2 weeks now. It mixes pretty well using a blender and you get used to the taste. This supplement is definately the best value for money out there and i have already gained 4lbs and my arms especially seem to be getting bigger so i suggest you try it!!!!!!!!!

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Posted By: hugo Posted: 27/04/2010 18:37:27
hi i have purchased this supplement am unsure of how you make your shake also how many scoops of the spoon i got with it

Posted By: Admin
Add the recommended dosage / scoops from checking the back of the tub. Then simply add the desired amount of water and shake it until it mixes into a nice edible shake.

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