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Atlas Carbo Charge

Carbo Charge
Carbohydrate surges into your muscles as glycogen - the fuel source for maximum muscle contraction. A depletion of glycogen levels means sub standard performance. Make sure you are fueled up with Carbo Charge.

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Carbohydrates are a bodybuilder’s friend! Without carbohydrates our bodies would struggle to power through intense workouts, remain focused and very importantly without carbohydrates our glycogen stores would become depleted leaving you feeling smaller and deflated.

Atlas Carbo Charge is a 96% pure carbohydrate supplement, with the source of carbohydrates being granulated complex carbohydrates extracted from corn. This gives it a good low Glycaemic Index rating (GI) and means blood sugar doesn't go ballistic and rapidly fluctuate causing potential bodyfat storage.

Via using carbohydrates correctly you can control and harness the awesome power of insulin, this is an incredibly anabolic hormone responsible for muscle growth by ensuring the right nutrients get an express delivery service to muscle cells where they are needed for repair, growth and replenishment.

Atlas Carbo Charge is an ideal to be combined with a pure protein powder allowing you to mix your own weight gain, MRP shakes. In addition to this carbo charge can be used for post workout recovery or even as a rich source of carbohydrates for those car-loading before a long event or bodybuilding contest.

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Take 1 x 30g Scoop As Required

Posted By: Michael Posted: 16/03/2011 22:23:14
Stupid question i guess...but would this be ok to add to the garnell As-one40 all in one supplement as well as the applied nutrition critical mass

Posted By: Admin
Certainly Michael, you can do this. The most important thing is you hit your daily targets of macronutrients for the day, so if this helps you do that, go for it.

Posted By: ozzy Posted: 11/02/2011 21:24:42
hi there
i have been using PHD pharma gain and am pleased with ther results but am having to cut back on spending due to cash flow problems, so i wondere if i got a tub of nutrisport +90 protine and a tub of carbo charge and mixed the two together would it make a good high protine weight gain at a cheeper price

Posted By: Admin
Hi Ozzy,

What about Nutrisports own weight gainer, which would kill two birds with one stone? They also do an all-in-one similar to Pharma Gain that may interest you and work out cheaper. But either way, yes, this would be fine.

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