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NutriSport Vegan 90+ Protein

Vegan 90+ Protein
Perfect for people who want to avoid Dairy and meat products. With the same fast muscle repair and recovery as whey protein to grow bigger and stronger.


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Vegan protein is derived from pea protein isolate making it virtually fat free and very low in carbohydrates. In addition to a near purely protein powder, 90+ vegan by Nutrisport contains an excellent high biological value.

90+ vegan is a protein powder that is suitable for individuals who do not want to consume protein from dairy or animal products making it compatible with their lifestyle. However not only does this allow you to follow a vegan diet but it also provides you with plenty of complete protein with a high biological value great for bodybuilding.

As milk and animal sources of protein contain all 21 amino acids necessary for proper protein synthesis, some vegans have suffered from malnutrition in respect to protein intake. This is due to all amino acids needing to be present for protein synthesis to occur, if 18 of the 21 are only present, anabolic metabolic reactions cannot occur. Fortunately however 90+ vegan is derived from pea protein isolate contains all 21 amino acids making it a complete protein. With a high biological value this protein will be fully utilised ensuring that you don't waste any protein.

A thick and creamy texture makes this shake an enjoyable protein shake to consume and you can add flavouring to it to improve taste even more so...with whey protein increasing in price this may soon be a more popular option for non vegan bodybuilders and athletes also!

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Take 2 x 20g scoops As Required

Rated By: Ashley Lawrence Rated 5
Brilliant Protein Powder. A complete protein from the extract of peas. Excellent - what more could you want
Oh the taste - do what I do - combine it with a powdered flavour and some ultra fine oats and you get a fantastic protein shake that tastes awesome.

Rated By: BigDog88 Rated 5
Not a vegan or a vegetarian but I needed an unflavoured protein, this does the job perfectly, mixes great into a smoothie and its really yummy

Rated By: Anon female Rated 3
Very powdery and a slightly odd, earthy taste, but it s not vile as such. If using as a dietary supplement and blending with other things it s not that bad I suppose. There are no sweetners hence the earthy taste. Drinking straight, I m not so sure, I d probably add something myself - splenda/stevia maybe. Fantastic value for the price, brilliant.

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Posted By: sunny Posted: 05/10/2010 11:28:06

I am allergic to cows milk, so whey and casein is out the question for me, i take egg white powder at the moment, which as i understand absorbs at a rate which is inbetween whey and casein, medium speed if you will, my question is how quickly does this vegan protein absorb

Posted By: Admin
Quite rapidly. Consider it on equivalent basis to whey. The product is very fine, which speeds up the absorption.

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