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Reflex Micro Whey

Micro Whey
Whey isolate containing 90 protein and less than 1 fats and carbs. Mixes easily in water and is an ideal protein choice for straight after a workout due to its essentially rapid absoprtion.


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Whey protein isolate is the fastest digesting and quickest acting protein in existence. Reflex only produce the highest quality possible protein supplements so expect great results from supplementing with Microwhey.

Reflex Microwhey is a protein powder supplement made from cross flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate; in brief this is one of the richest and purest sources of whey protein around. At near 90% protein with less than 1% carbs and less than 1% fats, this literally is a pure protein powder.

The benefits of microwhey over other whey protein supplements is that it releases its amino acids faster than any other form of protein, meaning that the full serving of protein is rapidly broken down and hitting the muscles with anabolic amino acids faster than anything else.

With such little carbohydrate and fat content, there is no other macronutrients competing with one another for digestive enzymes, meaning microwhey is the best option for post workout shake or ideal first thing in the morning when your body requires protein as quickly as possible.

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Cross Flow Micro Filtered Whey Protein Isolate (43% b-Lactoglobulin, 18% Glycomacropeptide, 16% Lactoferrin & Others, 15% a-Lactalbumin, 5% Immunoglobulin, 3% Bovine Serum Albumin.)


Natural Colourings

Artificial Sweeteners (acesulfame k)

Digezyme® (digestive enzyme blend).

Rated By: Sean Rated 5
Have used this supplement for some time now. Used to complain about the price but realise now its worth it - this has to be the best postworkout protein. I ran out of it and missed it for a couple of workouts - I was sore all over and didnt have the same rapid recovery. Doesnt taste the best, but hey either does most physique friendly foods, always a good sign...

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Posted By: Se n Posted: 23/01/2010 17:52:29
I have been using microwhey for quite some time, never had any problems with it. Im just wondering however if its worth the extra money compared with most whey proteins Plus, Optimum Gold standard whey seems to be highly rated, what whey supplement in your opinion is the best Im looking for one which is very low in carbs and fat, like micro whey is.

Posted By: Admin
Microwhey is at the absolute pinnacle of development for whey isolates - it is the purest form filtered out to the highest standards available. Reflex have a fantastic source for this product which gives them first choice over other companies. Believe me when i say it's the best whey isolate in the U.K I'd stick with it, it contains no lactose, is microfiltered to impeccable standards and will give you the highest rate of protein synthesis.

Posted By: Marcos Posted: 18/04/2011 17:55:45
Hi guys,

I ve been using Reflex Natural Whey for a few months now and have been very happy with it. Just wondered if switching to this one would give any advantages aside from the slightly lower carb/fat content I m on a fairly calorie restricted diet, trying to increase lean muscle but primarily cut some body fat. I m mainly interested in which one would provide the best quality protein, or if there are any other low carb/fat shakes that you think are better please feel free to point me in that direction. Thanks for all your help!

Posted By: Admin
Hi Marcos,

I personally believe you'll be fine sticking with Instant Whey. Like you said, the difference in carbs / fats is relatively small, and unless you specifically want / need an isolate for rapid digesting protein, you can stick with Instant Whey and still get excellent value for money. I'm a fan of both btw!

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